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Principal Partner

Date Event Location Discipline
22 - 25 January 2018 Paddlepower school holiday programs various locations Canoe Polo,Marathon,Recreational - Flatwater,Recreational - Whitewater,Recreational - Sea Kayaking,Slalom,Sprint
27 - 28 January 2018 Summer series – round 3 Adelaide Canoe Polo
27 - 28 January 2018 PSA Canoe Polo Australia Day (Summer Series) Mawson Lakes SA Canoe Polo
7 February - 28 March 2018 PSA Canoe Polo Summer Competition Payneham Pool, OG Rd Payneham Canoe Polo
24 - 25 February 2018 Summer series – round 4 Melbourne VIC Canoe Polo
31 March - 2 April 2018 2018 Canoe Polo National Championships West Lakes - South Australia Canoe Polo
1 - 5 August 2018 2018 Canoe Polo World Championships Ontario, Canada Canoe Polo

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Canoe Polo Technical Committee Contacts

Chair: Ian Beasley –

Secretary: Anthea Courtney –

Finance Officer: Rob Watson

High performance officer: vacant

Chief referee: Donald Leigh

Member: John Moore –

Facebook: Michael Lawrence-Taylor

Competition officer: vacant

Development officer: Matthew Moore

Communications officer: Louise Densley

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Spike’s Report is the Australian Canoe Polo Newsletter. Follow the links below for past and current issues.

Duncan Cochrane OAM, SA

A legend in canoe polo, Duncan Cochrane is an inspiration to everyone involved with the sport. He started playing in 1986, first representing Australia in 1989 and retiring from the national squad shortly after the world championships in 2002 to focus on coaching. A high performance player and coach, he prepared the level 1 coaching course and the online referee training program. Duncan has also been an active committee member of the AC, SA and ICF committees.

International championships

  • ICF World Championships – England 1994 (gold), Australia1996 (gold), Portugal 1998 (gold), Brazil 2000, Germany 2002
  • Oceania Championships – 2003, 2005, 2007


  • Medal of the Order of Australia in 2017 for service to canoe polo
  • Australian Sports Medal, 2000
  • World Paddle Award
  • AC Service to Canoeing Award, 2016
  • AC Excellence Awards 2008/2009
  • AC Award of Merit, 1998
  • AC Coach of the Year, 1994


There is nothing like lining up before the start of a game at the world championships and looking down along the line at your team mates dressed in the green and gold. Sarah Heard is a leader in canoe polo, having captained the Australian women’s’ team five times. She first competed in the Australian Championships, representing NSW, in 1995 but later playing for South Australia. She has an outstanding playing career and has also coached in Japan.

In her words: Winning bronze in 2012 meant so much to all of us, it was more than a medal, it was symbol of all the hard work, blood sweat tears and sacrifices we had made. We had been working so hard as a core group since 2006. Being on tour can be hard at times, living in each other’s pockets and under that kind of stress, but the friendships and bonds you make are lifelong. Polo will always have a special place in my heart and I will never forget the amazing opportunities it has provided me. As captain, I felt incredibly proud of my girls and loved sharing the unique experience with them!

International championships

  • World Games – Germany 2005, Chinese Taipei 2009, Columbia 2013
  • ICF World Championships – Amsterdam 2006, Canada 2008, Milan 2010, Poland 2012 (bronze)
  • Oceania Championships – 2007, 2009 (gold), 2011 (gold), 2013

Sarah was nominated as Australian Canoeing player of the year in 2012 and in team of the year, also in 2012.


John Moore is well known throughout canoe polo for his relaxed manner and eagerness for a chat. He has played polo for many years and is active at every level of the sport, but is probably best known as team manager on many international tours. John has managed tours for three World Games, four World Championships, three overseas development tours, and several Oceania Championships. Always taking the initiative to get things organised and happening, John is a key contributor to building team spirit and camaraderie. But at the championships, with Australia in play, many know his loud cheer squad leading Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oih! Oih! Oih!

John is member of the current technical committee and in 2016 received an AC Service to Canoeing Award.


Kal is a four-time Australian champion who also represented Australia at the 2015 Oceania Championships. He was captain of the U15 men’s team. In 2016, he was selected to join the U21 and open men’s team at the Australian Championships. The U21 won gold and was undefeated at the championships.

Kal has been a member of the Barwon Sports Academy canoe polo program for two years.


Mardi is a two-time Australian champion who also represented Australia at the 2015 Oceania championships. In 2016 she was selected captain of the Victorian junior team at the Australian championships. Three quarters of this team were debutantes and Mardi showed the leadership and commitment to lead them to a hard fought and well deserved bronze.

As the sole female athlete at her club, Mardi shows strength and determination to continually train with, and play against, the boys. Off the water, she trains under a scholarship with the Barwon Sports Academy.

Canoe Polo is an exciting team event played on 35m x 23m pitches set up in swimming pools or on flat stretches of water. Teams of 5 paddlers endeavour to score goals in a net suspended 2m above the water, the ball being thrown by hand, or ‘flicked’ with the paddle. Naturally, the team with the most goals at the end of the match wins the game. Find out more about Canoe Polo.