2015 Canoe Freestyle Team

Canoe Freestyle / Canoe Freestyle Team / Jul 23, 2015

After a couple of years of hard work by the Australian freestyle community, I am excited to be the head coach and captain of a large competitive team for the 2015 worlds.


The team is a mix of experienced and ’emerging’ paddlers from across Australia. For half the team, the 2015 worlds will be their first international freestyle competition and for quite a few their first time on the Ottawa River, something very different to the rivers of Australia.

Anthony Yap will be supporting me as vice-captain, Anthony Yap is known for his big wave freestyle moves.

Anthony YapAnthony Yap

Our men’s K1 are looking very strong, and with Eileen Callaghan and Tim Coombes as the team managers we’re in for an awesome trip.

Eileen and TimEileen Callaghan & Tim Coombes

Joe Dunne, James Rowlinson and Josh Singleton have experience competing at previous world championship events, while Mitch Taylor, one of the teams ‘emerging’ paddlers is currently taking a break from study & gaining lots of kayaking experience while traveling in Europe.

mitchMitchel Taylor

JoeJoe Dunne

JamesJames Rowlinson

JoshuaJoshua Singleton

For the first time in a while, the team has senior and junior women. Senior paddlers, Dita Pahl and Sue Robb, while fairly new to freestyle, both have strong backgrounds in other kayaking disciplines (slalom and kayak polo) and are enjoying the challenge of freestyle.

Sue   Sue Robb

ditaDita Pahl

Our junior girls, Madison Wilson and Georgia Clarke are progressing well and are on the way to becoming competitive senior paddlers.

MadiMadison Wilson

georgiaGeorgia Clarke

Representing Australia with myself in the C1 category is Tim Lau, who is looking forward to using his C1 slalom experience on the waves of the Ottawa.

Tim Lau

Tim Lau

Lastly, our junior men are Rowan Kaar, Gilbert Coombes and Liam Dowd. Rowan and Gilbert competed at the previous worlds. Liam has been paddling for a relatively short time, but is progressing quickly.

RowanRowan Kaar

GilbertGilbert Coombes

LiamLiam Dowd

futureTim, Gil, Jez and Josh look to the future!

This year is going to be just amazing!!!
I can’t wait.