Para Canoe Athlete Profile – David Rolfe

General / Feb 4, 2010

Nickname:  Rolfey
Date of Birth:  26/ 06/1964
Place of Birth:  Inverell, NSW
Height: 188cm
Weight: 90 kgs (with leg on – 85 without leg)
Marital Status:  Married, (1 Child 17 years old)
Residence:  Gold Coast, QLD

First kayak?
A broken plastic Dancer that I was given, I fixed it and started paddling. Every time I went down a river I had to take it home and repair it again.

When and where did you begin this sport? First started whitewater paddling in 1991 after a couple of years as whitewater rafting guide, flatwater I started in October 2009

Why this sport?
It is a new sport aiming for inclusion in Paralympics and my goal is to develop and to promote the sport for new paddlers within Australia and Internationally, I was previously a swimmer only because kayaking wasn’t a Paralympic sport.
International Debut International Paralympic Committee World Swimming Champs – Christchurch, New Zealand 1998

Hobbies: Paddling any type of boat, Cycling, Rock Climbing, Sailing
Coach: Andrea Wood
Club:  Gold Coast Canoe Club – Miami QLD