AIS Canoeing – Slalom – Katrina Lawrence (K1)

Canoe Slalom / Jun 2, 2005

DOB:  10/12/1983
Lives:  Emu Plains, NSW
Born:  Scone, NSW
Institute/Academy:  AIS / NSWIS
Club:  Big River Canoe Club
Coach:  Myriam Fox

Now a veteran of the senior team, Lawrence will join sister Ros, Sarah Grant and Jessica Fox on the 2012 Senior team for women’s K1.

The 28 year old recalls winning the World Cup final in Bratislava, and World Cup Series in 2008 as her greatest sporting achievement.

After missing Olympic selection, Lawrence will look to make a statement with a strong World Cup series this year starting in Cardiff, Wales,

Nickname:  Kate
When/Where/Why did you begin the sport?  I began the sport when I was seven, in the front of a big canoe with my dad on a family trip.  
Greatest Sporting Achievement?  Winning the World Cup Final and World Cup Series in 2008.
International Debut?  World Junior Championships, SVK, 2000.
What keeps you busy outside of Kayaking?  Work, rock climbing, bush walking, yoga, op-shopping, reading.
Greatest Influence on Career?  My coach Myriam, who developed in me the belief that I can be the best.
Who inspires you?  Everyone who tries to do something amazing. Even if they don’t always succeed, it’s the trying that makes life, people and the world in general interesting.
How would your best friend describe you?  Ambitious and positive.
What scares you the most?  Getting old and frail.
Education:  Bachelor of Science (Environmental) – Sydney University.
Superstitions before a race?  Not taking my full uniform to the race on finals day – It can cause problems if I do get on the podium, but I don’t like to be over confident.

2008/2009 – AIS Sport Achievement Award
2008 – Overall World Cup Series winner (women’s K1)
2007 – NSWIS Award (winner Academic Excellence – University of Sydney)

15th (SF) K1 (W) – ICF Slalom World Cup 1 (Cardiff, WAL)
28th (SF) K1 (W) – ICF Slalom World Cup 3 (La Seu d’Urgell, ESP)
46th (H) K1 (W) – ICF Slalom World Cup 2 (Pau, FRA)
5th K1 (W) – Australian Open (Penrith, NSW)
4th K1 (W) – National Championships (Mersey, TAS)

9th K1 (W) – ICF World Cup 1 (Tacen, SLO)
16th K1 (SF) (W) – ICF World Cup 4 (Prague, CZE)
1st K1 (W) – 56th Merano International (Merano, ITA)
1st C1 (W) – 56th Merano International (Merano, ITA)
2nd K1 (W) – National Championships (Nymboida, NSW)
3rd K1 (W) – National Senior Selection Event 3 (Bradys Lake, TAS)
3rd K1 (W) – National Senior Selection Event 4 (Bradys Lake, TAS)
4th K1 (W) – Australian Open (Penrith, AUS)

3rd K1 (W) – Pre-Worlds (Bratislava, SVK)
4th K1 (W) – ICF Ranking Race (Bourg St Maurice, FRA)
3rd K1 (W) – Oceania Open (Penrith, NSW)
9th K1 (W) – World Championships (Sloka, Slovenia)
31st K1 (W) –  ICF Slalom World Cup (Seu, ESP)
34th K1 (W) – ICF Slalom World Cup (Prague, CZE)
1st K1 (W) – National Championships (Eildon, VIC)
2nd C1 (W) –  NSW Championships (Nymboida, NSW)
2nd K1 (W) – NSW Championships (Nymboida, NSW)
2nd K1 (W) – Senior Selection Race 3 (Bradys Lake, TAS)
3rd K1 (W) – Senior Selection Race 2 (Bradys Lake, TAS)

2nd K1 (W) – ICF Slalom World Cup (Bratislava, SVK)
1st K1 (W) – Senior Selection Race 3 (Penrith, NSW)
2nd K1 (W) – National Championships (Mersey, TAS)
3rd K1 (W) – Slovak Open (Bratislava, SVK)

1st K1 (W) – ICF Slalom World Cup (Augsburg, Germany)
1st K1 (W) – Senior Selection Race 3 (Penrith, NSW)