Australian Kayakers John Jacoby and Matt Dalziel consoled after the death of AROC teammate

General / Sep 23, 2004

Australian adventure racer and Ivanhoe Northcote Club member, Nigel Aylott, died of head injuries after a falling boulder hit his head.

According to local sources, Aylott’s team and an American team, Montrail, were scaling down a rocky section about 400 feet below Illabot Peak when a rock dislodged from under one of the team members. The rest of the racers dodged out of the way, but Aylott was unable to escape.

Australian kayakers John Jacoby and Matt Dalziel are still coming to terms with the terrible tragedy. Jacoby, a member of the Montrail team suffered a leg injury and is in a satisfactory coniditon in the Skagit Valley Hospital. Both Dalziel and Jacoby&nbspare well known amongst the canoeing community Jacoby was the 1985-1988 World Marathon Champion and 1985 – 1988&nbspAustralian Kayak Champion.

The remainder of the race, which was being filmed for a CBS television special, has now been postponed.

Race coordinator Kathy Sassin said last night the race was being stopped at Rockport. Racers were gathering at Howard Miller Steelhead Park where a sadness hung over the camp as participants wept and embraced one another after hearing that Aylott had died.

Aylott was an experienced racer, finishing in the top three in 12 adventure races in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the United States, according to the team’s Web site. He was on Team AROC when it took second place in last year’s Subaru Primal Quest race at South Lake Tahoe.