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Paddle Prep App available now. This app contains information on:

  • Paddling equipment including safety and communication
  • Paddling skill demonstrations
  • Weather, tides and swell
  • Trip planning , including lodging a float plan
  • Plus much more

Paddle Log is user friendly logbook with the ability to copy and edit past activities.

It will encourage users to keep their logbook current at all times on their mobile device. The data recorded is suitable for submission to Australian Canoeing when applying for an ACAS award.

The log can be exported in a format that can be used as a backup, manipulated in a desktop spreadsheet program or submitted with application for ACAS awards.

Paddle Log also allows users to download details of their ACAS awards and be visually reminded of their expiry date. When an award is due for renewal, Paddle Log can calculate the qualifying points for the award renewal.