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The 2016 Australian Slalom and Wildwater Championships and the 2015 Australian Schools Championships will be in Tasmania – January 1-12, 2016.  Event organisation will be a collaboration between Canoe TAS and Canoeing WA.   This web page is the focal point for information, news, start lists and results for the series.

The Mersey Whitewater Regional Reserve – no dogs allowed!

The Wildwater and Slalom on the Upper Mersey is within the Whitewater Reserve that is now managed by the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS).  As a permit condition set by the Parks and Wildlife Service to conduct the event at the Mersey Whitewater Regional Reserve, dogs are banned unless the owner has a permit for a companion dog, assistance dog or guide dog.  If the owner has a permit, the dog will be allowed, but will need to be on a lead or restrained/under effective control.

PWS Staff have been an enormous help in clearing trees and branches damaged by heavy snow in August 2015 and Canoe Tasmania are extremely grateful for their assistance.  The Canoeing fraternity can help keep this reserve a special place for flora, fauna and whitewater paddling by not lighting fires, taking rubbish out, ensuring equipment brought in is clean and dry and by leaving dogs at home.

The event organisers request that those attending the event do not bring dogs.  Failure to comply may lead to the owner receiving a fine and may jeopardise any permits to conduct  future events at the Mersey Course. 

Aus Schools 2015 Team Managers Guide

(version 7nov2015, uploaded 9/11/2015)

National Champs 2016 Event Guide

(version 18nov2015, uploaded 20/11/2015)


JAN 2016 Program Overview

 1st– 7th

Australian Wildwater and Slalom Champs 2016
Upper Mersey River.


WW Rapid Sprint and Slalom Training
Bradys Lake

8th-9th All Schools Slalom and Wildwater practice
Forth River
10th-12th 2015 Australian All Schools Championships
Forth River

 For more Program details, click on the Program Tab.

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Forth Training Times for Sat 9/1/2016

 0900-1100:  WA

1100-1300: Tas & NSW

1500-1700: Vic

Check your Nationals entry!!

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Online Entries (including late entries) are now closed.  For enquiries email: AusSWWChamps.Enquiries@gmail.com  – but this email may not be monitored after the 31st of Dec due to the lack of the Internet at the Upper Mersey.

T-ShirtT-Shirts will be available for sale at the event, but numbers will be limited so please get in quick when you arrive.



See also the Facebook group page that has been setup with ideas and discussions about transport ideas and accommodation suggestions.

Getting there

Spirit of Tasmania logo

The Spirit of Tasmania have spots reserved (for a limited time only) and a 5% discount for those coming to the Championships.  Please click the link below to go to their Web page that has all the details.  Remember that Tasmania has strict quarantine to keep out nasties.  Please be aware that any fruit, vegetables, plants, fish or fish products cannot be brought onto the ship and must be declared and/or disposed of prior to boarding.  Boats also must be clean and dry.

Spirit of Tasmania Canoe Champs Web Page

January 2016 Program

A more detailed program in PDF format to save to your smart phone/tablet.

MERSEY: Program_as_at_24Dec2015v2
FORTH: ProgramSchools_as_at_30Dec2015v2
+ TRAINING TIMES FOR SAT 9 Jan:  0900-1100 WA,  1100-1300 Tas&NSW, Ivanhoe/Vic 1500-1700.

On arrival at the Upper Mersey, visit the information board on the side of the shelter at the Mersey Slalom Course in case there has been a need to make some changes.  Start lists will also be posted on the information board and team managers will need to verify them and report errors ASAP.

Note the following changes have been made as a result of the need to reduce the water time – Tasmania has had one of the driest winters and springs on record.  Fortunately Hydro Tasmania has carefully managed the lack of inflows with the events in mind and has been able to hold back enough water for the event to proceed with minimal impact on the program.  For this we are very grateful.

  • Training times have been reduced on Friday the first of Jan.
  • Rapid Sprint and Teams and Classic Teams will be at the end of the day.
  • Lower Classic is now at 2pm on the Monday – this reduces the need to wait until water reaches the lake and also provides Wildwater paddlers some extra training on the lower course before the race.
  • Slalom Teams is after Finals so that teams do not negatively impact on juniors vying for selection.  MK1 and WC1 finals are on the Wed PM to facilitate the change of Teams from Wed to Thursday.  Wk1, MC2 and MC1 finals are still on the Thursday morning before teams.
Upper Mersey Australian Wildwater and Slalom Champs 2016
 Fri 1st AM: Wildwater Practice
PM: Wildwater Practice
PM: Slalom Practice  (see detailed program for state allocations)
PM: Wildwater practice, top Bridge to Berlin Wall
 Sat 2nd AM: Wildwater Sprint
PM: Slalom Training after Sprint Teams
PM: Wildwater Sprint Teams
 Sun 3rd AM: Wildwater Classic
PM: Slalom Training
PM: Wildwater Teams
 Mon 4th AM: Wildwater training – Classic finish to Lake
AM: Slalom Training
PM: Slalom Training
PM: Wildwater Lower Classic (Gemini rocks to Lake)
PM: Slalom Course Constructions & Demo Runs
& Slalom paddlers and officials briefing at Slalom Course Car Park.
& Welcome Function at the course after Demos
 Tue 5th AM: Slalom Nationals – MC2, WC1, Masters MK1 (1st and 2nd runs)
PM: Slalom Nationals – MK1, Mixed C2 (1st and 2nd runs)
 Wed 6th AM: Slalom Nationals – Wk1, MC1, WC2 (1st and 2nd runs)
Lunch: + Finals Course modifications
PM: Non stop Demo run
PM: Slalom Nationals Finals for WC1 and MK1
 Thu 7th AM: Session 1: Slalom Nationals Finals for MC1, WK1 and MC2?
AM: Session 2: Slalom Teams
PM: Dignitaries rafting
PM: Finals Presentations and Dinner @ Mole Creek

Bradys Lake

WW Sprint Race and Slalom Training – strictly for Experienced Paddlers only
 Fri 8th 9:00 – 10:15    WW Sprint Training only
11:00 – 17:00  Slalom training – 4 x 90 min
(Sessions 1, 2, 3 & 4)
17:00 – 18:30  WW Sprint Training only
Sat 9th 9:00 – 10:20    WW Sprint Selection Training
10:30 – 15:00  Slalom training – 3 x 90 min
(Sessions 5, 6 & 7)
15:30 – 16:30 WW Sprint Race

Forth River

2015 Australian All Schools Championships
Fri 8th  Slalom and Wildwater practice for schools competitors
Sat 9th  Slalom and Wildwater practice for schools competitors
Sun 10th AM: All Schools Wildwater Classic
PM: All Schools Wildwater Sprint
PM: Slalom Setup, Demo runs and 15 years and under age groups practice run.
EVENING: Competition BBQ and Wildwater Presentations.
Mon 11th AM: All Schools Slalom
PM: All Schools Slalom
Tue 12th AM: All Schools Slalom
PM: Presentations – approx. 3:00pm

 For the most up to date program after the 30th of Dec, please see the Information board at the Mersey Slalom course.

Count Down

Nationals Schools event starts on 10-Jan-2015.

2016/01/10 09:00:00

Event Sponsors

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Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania logo
  • Draft start lists (for the purposes of confirming entries) will be made available here in late December 2015.
  • Every effort will be made to also publish final start lists the day before each days events but please bear in mind that internet access in remote areas is limited.
  • Start lists will also be posted on the Information wall of the shelter at the Mersey Slalom Course.  It is important that you check your entries as soon as you arrive and report anything that needs correcting.

Entry Checklists (currently excludes late entries)

Please review the following documents to ensure your name appears in the classes you selected when entering.  If your name is not present, please check the information board on arrival at Forth.

Schools Championships




(all updated 29/12/2015 – you may need to refresh)

Online Entries have now closed. For enquiries or to request a late entry or to modify team members, please email AusSWWChamps.Enquiries@gmail.com

Note: This list does not confirm that you have paid, it just confirms that your entry has been submitted.

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For general and entry enquiries please contact: AusSWWChamps.Enquiries@gmail.com