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Instructor, Guide & Assessor Re-registration

Australian Canoeing offers two options to renew your qualification:

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Re-registration for Instructors, Guides, Leaders, Lifeguards and Assessors

This note details the re-registration requirements for holders of Australian Canoeing Award Scheme Accreditations that have expired within the last 3 months or are about to expire.

See the link on the left if your accreditation is more than 3 months out of date

Skills and knowledge are lost over time unless a person actively works to maintain them. The best way to demonstrate that your skills and knowledge are current is to maintain your qualification. Re-registration is part of the continuing education of Canoeing Instructors and Guides. Its purpose is to:

  • ensure that Instructors and Guides are up to date with the latest techniques, teaching methods, safety issues, legal responsibilities and risk management information.
  • extend the knowledge and skills of Instructors and Guides.
  • provide an avenue for post accreditation servicing

All Australian Canoeing Instructor, Guide, Leader and Lifeguard Awards expire after a term of three (3) years. To re-register, the holder must be able to demonstrate that they have maintained a level of competency equivalent to or above the qualification that they hold.

To re-register complete this form…… this will extend the expiry date of your award by 3 years

How to apply

Instructors, Guides, Leaders and Lifeguards applying for re-registration must submit the application and all required information to Australian Canoeing. Activities that are acceptable for re-registration purposes have been listed in various categories in the table found here….

To be successfully re-registered, Instructors, Guides, Leaders and Lifeguards must show sufficient involvement in a range of canoeing activities in the preceding three years to gain a minimum of 100 points. Activities cannot be counted for credit in more than one category (instruction, training, personal paddling, etc.). Only activities from the last 3 years can count towards the 100 points (but evidence must be proveided that you have paddled throughout the last 3 years).

For activities less than a full day, a half-day will be counted (1-3 hrs = 1/2 day, 3.5 – 8 hrs is a full day). This would include shorter trips or periods of instruction as well as competitive events and meetings

Candidates holding more than one accreditation

For people who hold more than one accreditation (Sea Kayak, Canoe, Kayak) the minimum requirements in Category 2 – Personal Paddling must be met for each. Instructors in more than one type of craft need only meet the 100-point minimum requirement.

Additionally, log entries for Category 3 – Instruction should show evidence of instruction in each type of accreditation for which re-registration is sought.

Re-registering Assessor Awards

Assessor awards are automatically renewed concurrently with your highest instructional award.  Assessors must complete the Assessor section in the renwal form.

NOTE: To remain an assessor with the release of the Sports Industry Training Package SIS10, Assessors will be required to hold the TAE in workplace assessment.

If you have any enquiries regarding your re-registration please contact AC:

    E: education@canoe.org.au

Send applications to:

      Award Scheme
      Australian Canoeing
      PO Box 6805
    Silverwater NSW 2128

The Paddle Log app is the best way to maintain your paddling log book. Paddle Log has the ability to duplicate entry’s then edit, covers all required information for AC re registration and allows export for easy emailing. The app is available here

Activites over the past three years in which you have held you award count towards the 100 points

Category, Description Points Value Minimum Requirements Maximum Points Evidence Required Notes
1 First Aid Award nil Ac recommends that all leaders hold a current First aid award appropriate to the area of operation nil Nil
2 Personal Paddling 4 points for each full day’s paddling or equivalent at the appropriate grade for the award, 2 points for lower grades 5 days personal paddling at or above the grade of water/ water conditions appropriate for the Award 50 Logbook entries – verified An activity cannot be counted twice for the purposes of re-registration
3 Instruction 5 points for each days instruction at the appropriate grade for the award, 3 points for lower grades 6 days instruction 2 different locations or client groups on the appropriate grade of water 60 Log entries Instruction includes a range of activities e.g. trip leading, organising and leading a social paddle, providing a structured program of skills development.
4 Canoeing related activities – involvement in activities or organisations which develop or promote canoeing 2 points for each days involvement or equivalent nil 20 Log entries Examples include: a position of responsibility in Australian Canoeing, State Association or its standing committees, a canoe club or the canoeing activities in some other organisation.
5 Competition 2 points for each days involvement or equivalent nil 20 Log entries Competition results Awards Training sessions may be included – up to 50% of the total
6 Personal Development attendance at training programs, seminars or other activities which broaden or update knowledge and skills related to Canoeing 4 points for each days involvement or equivalent nil 40 Log entries Evidence of attendance e.g. certificate of participation Awards Examples include: Professional Development activities for teachers Instructor training days for Guides, skills development activities, Coaching accreditation programs, Rescue courses, Guiding or Instructing with another AC qualified person
7 Conducting ACAS Courses. 6 points for each days instruction at the appropriate grade for the award, 4 points for lower grades nil 70 Log entries State records
8 Attending Australian Canoeing Professional Development Workshops 10 points for each day of the program nil 50 Log entries State records Australian Canoeing , national training provider and/or State Boards of Canoe Education will schedule Instructor Update Workshops from time to time.
9 Conducting Australian Canoeing Assessment 6 points for each day of the program 18 – Assessors Only 40 Log entries

If you have remained active

The object of re-registration is to demonstrate that your knowledge, skills and experience is still current.  If your award expired more than 3 months ago and you have maintained your competency through ongoing education and activity then you can apply for re-registration through the process you here but must include the following

  • a cover letter outlining your situation
  • a letter of support from an Australian Canoeing registered assessor
  • a copy of your current first aid certificate
  • your log book completed from the time you first received the award
  • your payment details

Please note that if your award expired before the year 2008 we will not be able to re-register you because of changes in our training requirements.

If you have not been regularly paddling

If there is a gap of 12 months where you have not paddled at the level of your award (in the context, ie sea, as an instructor, etc.) then you will need to undergo re-assessment.  To find your nearest National Training Provider click here..

If you have questions in regards to what process to follow please email education@canoe.org.au


Paddle Log is user friendly logbook with the ability to copy and edit past activities.

It will encourage users to keep their logbook current at all times on their mobile device. The data recorded is suitable for submission to Australian Canoeing when applying for an ACAS award.

The log can be exported in a format that can be used as a backup, manipulated in a desktop spreadsheet program or submitted with application for ACAS awards.

An extract of the log is also used to assist AC in determining participation statistics. Currently this extract is a manual process and AC expects users to forward this data to AC on a regular basis.
Paddle Log also allows users to download details of their ACAS awards and be visually reminded of their expiry date.