Learn freestyle!

Aerial loop
Joe Dunn performs an aerial loop at a World Cup event. This is just one of the many stunts performed in Freestyle.
Rosalyn Lawrence, Monday, 11 November 2013

The Australian Freestyle Kayaking Technical Committee is looking for the next generation in freestyle kayaking for the Jackson Kayak Junior Development Squad.

Freestyle kayaking is a dynamic sport often referred to as the skateboarding or surfing of kayaking. It involves kayaking on a river wave or hole for 45 seconds, doing as many aerial tricks and moves as possible. It is the skateboarding or surfing of kayaking. 

The committee has a freestyle development squad comprising of Super Juniors, Under 12 years, and Juniors between 12 and 18 years. This squad is selected by the Technical Committee and develops children’s kayaking skills from absolute beginner to experienced level. The program includes flat water skills, rolling a kayak and coaching on white water by instructors from the Australian Freestyle Team and the Australian Freestyle Head Coach.

The Freestyle Committee is looking for juniors of all ages who would like to be part of this fun and growing sport. 

The ability to attend instruction and training sessions in the Penrith area is a requirement.

The junior squad uses quality kayaks and gear donated by Jackson Kayak Australia, Velocity Watersports and Wetspot Watersports. 

If your child is interested and you would like further information, the Freestyle Kayaking Technical Committee and the Head Coach can be contacted by email at freestyle@canoe.org.au

Jez wins bronze

2013 Freestyle Team at the Worlds Opening Ceremony