Flight Centre join Australian Canoeing as official travel agency

Sam Lyons, Monday, 29 October 2012

Flight Centre Group Travel has launched an online booking platform for the exclusive use of the canoeing fraternity.

The new system is very similar to webjet and other major booking websites. 

When you use the Booking Engine, Australian Canoeing gets a rebate that is invested back in to the sport. 

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Who would use it

  • Anyone who wishes to support Australian Canoeing
  • Anyone who purchases flights with a credit card and normally books online
  • Anyone booking less than 9 passengers without special luggage requirements
  • Family, Friends, Colleagues

What can it book

  • Domestic and international airfare bookings (non group airfares)
  • It searches and displays many airlines, saving you time looking at individual airfare sites. 
  • It can book one airline from Sydney to Melbourne and a different airline on your return should you wish. 


  • With your credit card
  • You will be charge booking fees that are competitive with services such as webjet. 


  • Are set per destination and competitive with other websites. 

What do I do if I want someone to help me

  • Flight Centre Group Travel would be happy to assist you with a booking that might require further research, or you wish to book with a person, or any troubleshooting. 
  • You may call or email Amanda and Vanessa are your main points of contact. They can be reached at 1300 737 441 and amanda.foo@flightcentre.com.au   vanessa.armstrong@flightcentre.com.au

Group Bookings (greater than 3 or 4)

  • We would recommend if you have multiple passengers greater than 3 or 4 people that you contact FCGT via phone or email as they can likely save you further money verses using the online system. 


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