Junior and U23 Wildwater World Champs Under Way

Featured / Jul 28, 2017

The Junior and U23 Wildwater World Championships have began. Our team have complete Day 1 and 2 on the Mur River at Murau, Austria. The conditions of the river have become challenging  and testing our athletes. The results after Day 2 are as followed:

Classic Events

Time Ranking
K1W U18
Georgia Tonkin 21.27.44  25/35
Imogen Douglass 21.39.23 28/35
Demi O’Brien 21.54.14 30/35
K1W U23
Madeleine Batters 20.56.91 16/24
Georgina Collins 21.14.90 18/24
C1W U18
Madison Wilson 23.30.67 11/12
K1M U18
James Humphry 20.18.85 28/49
Benjamin Strmecki 20.44.60 35/49
James O’Donoghue-Hayes 21.01.16 39/49
Max McDonald 21.10.94 41/49
K1M U23
Kaylen Bassett 19.48.92 27/40
Kieran Simpson 20.46.84 37/40
C1M U18
Robert Janiszewski 22.32.81 21/26
C2M U23
Kaylen and Lachlan Bassett 21.38 6/10
K1W U18 – Team
Demi Obrien, Imogen Douglass, Georgia Tonkin 23.06.22 7/7
C1W U23 – Team
Madison Wilson, Madeleine Batters, Imogen Douglass DQ
K1M  U18– Team
Ben Strmecki, Max McDonald, James O’Donoghue-Hayes 21.57.36 11/13
K1M U23 – Team
Kaylen Bassett, James Humphry, Kieran Simpson 21.32.28 9/10

Every member of the team has put in their best effort and all should be proud of their results. For most members of the team, this was the most difficult and overwhelming course they had ever competed on. All team members overcome their pre-race nerves and performed exceptionally well at an international level. The Australian team spirit is what has been the stand out on day one of racing with all members of the team demonstrating leadership, resilience and sportsmanship. The teams genuine care and concern for each other has been inspiring to observe. The calm and reassuring approach of the coaches and the support of the parents has made day one of the program a positive and enjoyable experience for all. Well Done everyone!