Appointment of AC Director – Mr Tony Haines

Featured / Apr 11, 2017

State Member Associations (MAs) have actively been involved in respect to the ‘casual vacancy’ for an Elected Director created at the 2016 AGM.

We are pleased to advise that following the electronic poll of the MAs, Mr Tony Haines (NSW) was appointed by the AC Board to fill the Elected Director ‘casual vacancy’ effective 11 April, 2017.

Mr Haines term will conclude at the 2017 AGM as per Clause 13.10 (b) of the Constitution, any person appointed to fill the ‘casual vacancy’ may only be appointed until the next AGM, at which time they can offer themselves for re-election.

Mr Haines will bring extensive knowledge and experience to the Board, allowing AC to move through the projected future goals. The major experience, strengths and skills that will make him an effective member of the Board:

• Consulting on Digital Commercial and Market strategies within the Media industry

• Building, coaching & maintaining high-performance teams within a complex logistical selling environment

• Creating group plans based on strategy and tactics

• Adept and confident in the corporate arena; consulting and pitching proposals to Industry Groups, Agency Directors, clients and key decision-makers

• Exceptional senior and middle ranked relationships with contacts across Media Companies; NSW Media Agencies and many major Marketing Brands/Clients and Creative Agencies

AC and the paddling community congratulates and welcomes Mr Haines.