Featured / General / Mar 31, 2017


Australian Canoeing strongly recommends that no one should use a canoe/kayak in flood water.

  • The speed and power of the water can quickly sweep you into danger
  • The normal direction and flow of the river may have changed
  • A capsize can take you kilometres downstream with little chance of regaining your craft
  • Snags like fences, logs and trees can trap you in lethal embrace
  • The water may well be a health hazard if ingested
  • Snakes and other animals may decide your craft is a dry landing spot 

However if it is absolutely necessary, please ensure you do the following first:

  • That you have the skills and ability to use the vessel.
  • That you wear a life jacket at all times.
  • You do a risk assessment of the area before entering the water.
  • That you make sure someone knows:
    a) What you are about to do; and
    b) Where you will be going.

Australian Canoeing wish to remind everyone to have fun, stay safe on the water and follow the PADDLING CODE