Club Trophy & Raj Award

Canoe Sprint / Featured / Mar 9, 2017

At the 2017 Canoe Sprint National Championships held at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith the Club Trophy and Raj Award were awarded.


Is awarded to the most Outstanding Junior Canoeist at an Australian Canoe Sprint National Championships

Selected by: Competition Committee, or as delegated by Committee Chairman.

The Raj Award was named after a HMT safety boat (Cabin Cruiser) that was owned and operated by Gerry Brayne, ICF Official. The boat was used for 10 years on the Red Cross Murray Marathon Canoe race, for the safety of all canoeists. It carried radio communications and Red Cross first aid.

RAJ Award recipient is Jamie Cox from Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club

Jamie, turned back while he was paddling the Men’s K1 2500 16 to assist a paddler who had capsized. Officials found Jamie, to be helpful as a boat holder, has a great attitude and is respectful.



The Club Trophy is award each year to the Club with the most points at the end of Nationals. The winner is West Lakes Canoe Club from South Australia

The points were allocated in the following manner: 1st = 16; 2nd = 12; 3rd = 8; Other = 4

The Top 10 Clubs

Position Club State Points
1st West Lakes SA 903.75
2nd Manly Warringah NSW 584.5
3rd Currumbin Creek QLD 448
4th Sydney Northern Beaches NSW 394.25
5th Varsity Lakes QLD 379.5
6th Kawana Waters QLD 344.5
7th PaddleNSW Direct NSW 337
8th Sunshine Coast QLD 250.5
9th Bayswater WA 235.75
10th Avoca NSW 200


The Top Clubs from each State

Position Club State Points
1st Manly Warringah NSW 584.5
2nd Sydney Northern Beaches NSW 394.25
3rd PaddleNSW Direct NSW 337
4th Avoca NSW 200
5th Cronulla Sutherland NSW 75
6th Burley Griffin ACT 49.5
7th Penrith Valley NSW 32
8th Iron Bay NSW 30
9th Pittwater NSW 24.5
10th Lane Cove NSW 4.5
11th Hunter Valley NSW 2
12th Far North Coast NSW 1.5
1st Currumbin Creek QLD 448
2nd Varsity Lakes QLD 379.5
3rd Kawana Waters QLD 344.5
4th Sunshine Coast QLD 250.5
5th Brisbane Canoeing QLD 155.5
6th Wynnum Redlands QLD 126
7th Gold Coast QLD 30
1st West Lakes SA 903.75
2nd Holdfast Bay SA 194.75
3rd Onkaparinga SA 30.25
4th Encounter SA 28
1st Tasmania CC TAS 65
1st Coaching Evolution VIC 141.25
2nd Ivanhoe Northcote Canoe C VIC 68.25
3rd Victorian Sprint Paddlers VIC 61
4th Bendigo VIC 48.25
5th Fairfield VIC 37
6th Patterson Lakes VIC 31
7th Melbourne VIC 3
1st Bayswater WA 235.75
2nd Canning River WA 117
3rd Ascot WA 56.5
4th Indian Ocean WA 53.25
5th Champion Lakes WA 1.75