Day three, Australian Open – live blog

Canoe Slalom / Featured / General / Feb 19, 2017

12:40: Matus Benuj gives it his all, but finishes third behind the two Brits, Florence and Westley.

12:38: Ryan Westley (GBR) goes 96:70 to go into second behind teammate Florence, with one paddler to go. The Olympic silver medallist!

12:37: Tomas Rak (CZE) runs into all sorts of trouble on gate eight, 112.52 puts him out of the medals. Florence guaranteed a medal

12:36: Two early gate touches gives Vaclav Chaloupka (CZE) 104:01 and moves him into sixth

12:34: Czech Lukas Rohan moves into third with 98:94

12:33: Michal Martikan (SVK) posts 101:58 to go into third with Florence continuing to be the man to catch

12:30 USA’s Zac Lokken picks up four seconds of penalties to go third, Australia’s Tristan Carter goes in 105:30 to be fourth

12:28: Marko Mirgorodsky (SVK) into second with a time of 97:81

12:26: Men’s C1 final underway, with David Florence (GBR) posting 95:78 in the first run

12:20: Wow!! Jessica Fox posts an incredible 96:56 with a two second penalty!! Gold for Fox, silver for World Champion Kudejova (CZE), bronze for Olympic silver medallist Luuka Jones (NZL) – how’s that for a podium! All unofficial of course…

12:18: World champion Katerina Kudejova (CZE) with 102:56 puts her in the gold medal position

12:17: Ros Lawrence from Australia posts 105:18, puts her in second and guarantees Luuka Jones a medal

12:16: Czech Veronika Vojtova picked up a 50 second penalty to finish with 150:44

12:13: China’s Tong Li with 116:65 is in sixth

12:12: Czech youngster Amelie Hilgertova posts 106.42, goes into second

12:10: New Zealand Olympic silver medallist Luuka Jones goes into the lead with a time of 103:14

12:09 Italy’s Chiara Sabatini goes 110.95, second place overall

12:08: China’s Yanru Xu struck trouble on gate 12, her time of 113.79 puts her second

12:07: Valikova’s time is 110:04

12:05: Women’s K1 final is about to start. First on the course will be the Czech Republic’s Barbora Valikova

11:34: The top ten for the men’s C1 final is: Benus (SVK), Westley (GBR), Rak (CZE), Rohan (CZE), Martikan (SVK), Chaloupka (CZE), Carter (AUS), Lokken (USA), Mirgorodsky (SVK), Florence (GBR)

11:31: The final piece of the C1 finals jigsaw is in place, with Olympic silver medallist Matej Benus blitzing the field in 95:16 to qualify fastest

11:29: C1 veteran Michal Martikan (SVK) is into the final with 98:56

11:27: Two-time world champion David Florence (GBR) can breathe easy, after Slovakia’s Slafkovsky posts 100.67, putting the Brit into the final

11:26: Slovakia’s Marko Mirgorodsky through to the final as well, after China’s Zhang struck problems in his semi run

11:25: Oceania champion Ryan Westley (GBR) posts 97.37 to take the lead in the semi-final and book his place in the final

11:24: A third Czech into the final, with Lukas Rohan posting 98:47

11:22: USA’s Zac Lokken through to the final after Jane (CZE) posts 100:49

11:20: Mixed news for Australia with Rio Olympian Ian Borrows posting a time of 111.82, missing the final, but Tristan Carter is into the final

11:18: Chaloupka (CZE) also through to the final after David Florence (GBR) posts 100:02

11:16: The first of our unofficial qualifiers for the K1 final is Rak (CZE)

11:08: We’re halfway through the C1 field, and Chaloupka (CZE) still leads from Carter and Lokken (USA)

11:01: A new leader, Vaclav Chaloupka (CZE) with 98:26, just ahead of Australia’s Carter

10:56: Carter’s time is proving hard to top – he still leads with USA’s Zachary Lokken second on 99:36 after eight paddlers

10:51: Australia’s Tristan Carter throws down the gauntlet with a time of 99:08 to go top of the leaderboard, with 25 paddlers still to come

10:50: Matous Prihoda (CZE) now leads with 105:93

10:47: Men’s C1 semi-finals underway, New Zealand’s James Thwaite first off in time of 113.18. Last paddler will be Olympic silver medallist Matej Benus (SVK)

10:43: The top ten for the C1, unofficially, is Jess Fox (AUS), Kudejova (CZE), Lawrence (AUS), Vojtova (CZE), Li (CHN), Amalie Hilgertova (CZE), Jones (NZL), Sabattini (ITA), Xu (CHN), Valikova (CZE)

10:41: And the final place in the C1 final (Unofficially) goes to Veronica Vojtova (CZE), who qualifies fourth with 103:89

10:40: Electric finish by Olympic bronze medallist Jessica Fox, her time of 101.06 is quickest so far. The Australian is into the final

10:38: Australia’s Ros Lawrence is into the K1 final with a time of 103:79

10:37: Italy’s Chiara Sabatini into the final with a time of 106:18

10:34: Elena Kaliska (SVK) picks up penalties 155.22, meaning Valikova (CZE) is into final

10:33: The nervous wait for Luuka Jones (NZL) is over – she’s into the final after Noemie Fox (AUS) posts 112:54

10:32: Xu (CHN) into the final after Kate Eckhardt (AUS) posts 108:15

10:30: Amelie Hilgertova (CZE) through to final, Ali Borrows (AUS) posts time of 110:12

10:28: Tong Li (CHN) also through to final unofficially after Luuka Jones (NZL) posts fourth fastest time

10:27: First of our qualifiers now confirmed – Kudejova (CZE) is through as we head to top ten

10:19: World champion Katerina Kudejova (CZE) is the new leader in a fast 101:50. Hilgertova second, Xu (CHN – 106:66) third

10:12: News from the World Paddle Awards, where Curtis McGrath has been named Male Athlete of the Year. A great Australian athlete

10:10: A new leader – Amelie Hilgertova (CZE) 104:88 ahead of Valikova (CZE) and Galuskova (CZE)

10:06: Barbora Valikova (CZE) the new leader at 106:76, from Chen (CHN) 115:29

10:03: Five athletes down, and Davis (USA) still leads, from Randle (NZL) 122.45, and Sribar (USA) 126:48

09:57: Davis (USA) sets an early marker of 117:43

09:51: We’re about to get underway with the semi-finals of the women’s K1. 30 starters, with American Avery Davis first up, and the Czech Republic’s Veronika Vojtova will be the last competitor

08:38: Welcome to day three of the canoe slalom Australian Open, live from Penrith. It’s a bit overcast and certainly a lot cooler this morning. The big finals today are the women’s K1, the men’s C1 and the mixed C2.