Day two, Australian Open – live blog

Canoe Slalom / Featured / General / Feb 18, 2017

12:51: Skantar/Skantar get the gold after French team of Scianimanico/Cailhol pick up a penalty and take silver. Bronze goes to Slovakia’s Kucera/Batik

12:48: Olympic champions Skantar/Skantar of Czech Republic post 104:27 to take the lead with one boat to go

12:46: Men’s C2 final is underway – at 106.92 Kucera and Batik of Slovakia are the current leaders

12:44: Gold for Jessica Fox, silver for Noemie Fox, and bronze for Tereza Fiserova in the women’s C1 final!

12:19: here is the field for the women’s C1 final. We will be live streaming the final on Facebook

12:15: The men’s K1 final results – gold to Czech 2-time world champion, Jiri Prskavec, silver to USA’s Michal Smolen, bronze to GB’s Olympic gold medallist, Joe Clarke. Australia’s Lucien Delfour picked up a two-second penalty and finished sixth.

11:31: Men’s K1 final up soon – above is the start list

11:26: Slovakia’s Skantar/Skantar move into second behind France’s Scianimanico/Cailhol

11:23: Slovakia’s Kucera/Batik second in 116.98, behind China’s Hu/Junrong. All boats go through to the final.

11:20: China’s Hu/Junrong set the quickest time 107:76, ahead of the Fiebig’s 124.04

11:07: Men’s C2 semi is about to get underway – Kristian and Kaspar Fiebig first on the course

11:00: Unofficial top ten for the women’s C1; Jessica Fox (AUS), Fiserova (CZE), Jancova (CZE), Eckhardt (AUS), Noemie Fox (AUS), Lawrence (AUS), Matulkova (CZE), Chen (CHN), Jones (NZL), Borrows (AUS)

10:57: Jessica Fox qualifies quickest for the C1 women’s final with a time 0f 113: 70

10:55: Noemie Fox with a time of 118.44 second quickest Australian and into the final

10:54: Another Czech into the final.. Monica Jancova 116.24 second overall

10:52: The Czech Republic’s Jana Matulkova 121:66 with two penalties is safely through to the final

10:51: Ros Lawrence from Australia posts a clean run of 119:09 to finish just behind Eckhardt and is into the final. All times unofficial

10:49: Australia’s Kate Eckhardt 118:42 is into the final, and currently second overall

10:48: New Zealand’s Luuka Jones 125:87 also puts her into this afternoon’s final

10:46: China’s Shi Chen posts a time of 123:68 to go into the final

10:45: France’s Claire Jacquet picks up a 50 second penalty, putting Borrows into the final ten

10:42: Tereza Fiserova slashes serious seconds off the lead, her time of 114.80 putting her clearly ahead. Australia’s Alison Borrows 126:57 is second. Fiserova first athlete into the final

10:41: Australia’s Alexandria Choate is new leader 153:69 ahead of Broome and Wilson

10:37: Australia’s Alexandra Broome 154:75 puts her a clear first ahead of fellow Australians Madison Wilson in the women’s C1

10:34: Course is causing some problems for the early paddlers. Australia’s Madison Wilson is early leader on 204:82

10:29: The women’s C1 semi is underway. 21 athletes, Jess Fox was fastest in qualifying ahead of sister Noemie

10:23: So the top ten for the final, unofficially – Prskavec (CZE), Delfour (AUS), Clarke (GBR), Biazizzo (FRA), Smolen (USA), Malek (SVK), Grigar  (SVK), Forbs-Cryan (GBR), Bourliaud (FRA), Hilgert (CZE)

10:21: World champion Jiri Prskavec puts on a masterclass. He qualifies fastest 90:59 for this afternoon’s men’s K1 final

10:19: USA’s Michal Smolen 93:82 into fourth and into the final

10:18: Bang! Australia’s Lucien Delfour sizzles in 91:00 to take the lead and into the final with two paddlers to come

10:16: Olympic gold medallist Joe Clarke of GBR 93:53 is new leader and into the final, despite a bit of a problem at the last gate

10:14: UK’s Bradley Forbs-Cryans is also into the final with 94:69

10:12: France’s Pierre Bourliaud 95:00 and into final

10:11: Hilgert is now into the final anyway after the run of Germany’s Hannes Aigner – unofficial

10:10: Hilgert attracts another penalty, meaning Slovakia’s Jakub Grigar is into the final

10:09: Switzerland’s Lubos Hilgert is new leader and into the final 93:23, with a two second penalty

10:08: Slovakia’s Andrej Malek is through to the final – unofficially

10:06: Biazizzo is the first man into the final as we enter the last ten paddlers. His time 93:56

10:05: Jaxon Merritt of Australia unofficially 96:23, seventh overall and second quickest Australian

10:03: Tim Anderson finishes 97:60, second quickest Australian behind Draper

10:01: 27 athletes have now completed the course, and Frenchman Mathieu Biazizzo is the new leader on 93:56

09:55: Slovakia’s Andrej Malek is the new unofficial leader on 93:90/ Australia’s Angus Thompson 98:72 is seventh overall. Pope is now 99:56 and Watkins 99:94

09:51: Australian update (all times unofficial) – the experienced Warwick Draper is currently the quickest Australian on 95:91, third overall, ahead of Ben Pope 97:56, Daniel Watkins 97:94

09:44: Olympian Jakub Grigar of Slovakia is the new race leader with a time of 94.20. Australia’s Benjamin Pope is fourth

09:41: Alexandr Maikranz of the Czech Republic sets a serious time – 95:68 – which puts him a clear leader after 14 of 40 paddlers

09:35: Top of the leaderboard constantly changing.. Japan’s Tohru Kanaya is the first athlete under 100, his clean time of 99:13 puts him first

09:34: Martin Stanovsky of Kazakhstan picks up a two-second penalty but is the new leader on 1:01:38. That’s nine paddlers down, 31 to go.

09:32: There’s another new leader, and it’s another Japanese paddler! Rio Yamamoto 1:04:58. Australia’s Tristan Carter is now fourth.

09:28: There are seven Japanese and eight Australians in this semi-final! Japan’s Masaya Takiguchi is the new leader 1:09:31

09:24: The early mark set by Ryoto Morita of Japan 1:11:51, ahead of countryman Muto Yusuke and Australia’s Tim Coward.

0910: Good morning everyone, welcome to day two of Australian Open from Penrith. Shortly the men’s K1 semi-finals will start, with 2-time World Champion and Olympic bronze medallist, Jiri Prskavec, the fastest qualifier. First paddler of 40, Japan’s Muto Yusuke, heads off in about 10 minutes. Top ten through to the final!