Day one, Australian Open – live blog

Canoe Slalom / Featured / General / Feb 17, 2017

17:42: USA’s Lokken and NZ’s Thwaite are the final two pieces of the C1 semi-finals jigsaw.

17:38: Chaloupka (CZE), Smith (USA), Zheng (CHN), Lhota (CZE), Carter (AUS), Gilbert (NZL), Prihoda (CZE) all unofficially through to the C1 semi-finals.

17:32: Jan Vetrovsky (CZE) is now quickest, and is the first paddler qualified for the final ten spots in the C1 semi-final

17:31: Australia’s Bassett brothers are now fifth and sixth in the C1, with Lachlan finishing just ahead of Kaylen. The Czech Republic’s Matous Prihoda is now second fastest, behind China’s Zheng.

17:25 Kristian Fiebig from Australia is now fourth quickest, with fellow Australian Cameron McLaughlin fifth in the second run of the men’s C1

17:17: Second run of the men’s C1 is underway, with top ten going through. So far top four are Zheng (CHN), Aigner (GER), Lhota (CZE), A. Anderson (AUS)

16:53: Official results have seen Australia’s Brodie Crawford given a penalty, he drops to 15th but still qualifies for the semi. Olympian Ian Borrows was the highest ranked Australian in eighth.

16:43: Amalie Hilgertova of Czech Republic now into the lead, from Galuskova (CZE) and another Czech, Tereza Fiserova. And making it a quarter, Czech Barbora Valikova qualified fourth.

16:41: Antonie Galuskova (CZE) now leads the K1 second run, from China’s Shi Chen, USA’s Ria Sribar, Australia’s Alexandra Broome

16.37: Early standings in women’s K1 second run – Sribar (USA), Broome (AUS), Davis (USA), Knell (AUS)

16.32: Unofficial top ten from men’s C1 first run – Benus (SVK), Slafkovsky (SVK), Martikan (SVK), Jane (CZE), Zhang (CHN), Westley (GBR), Rohan (CZE), Crawford (AUS), Borrows (AUS), Florence (GBR). Women’s second run K1 now underway

16:07 Michal Martikan (SVK), Stanislav Jezek (CZE) both very quick, but we’re waiting for official confirmation of the times.

16.00 We stress these times are unofficial, but currently Vaclav Chaloupka (CZE) leads Le Reyut (FRA) and Vetrovsky (CZE) in men’s C1. Australia’s Daniel Watkins is fourth so far.

15.42 We’ve seen hail, rain and wind – but we’re back up and racing again with the rest of the men’s C1. Steven Lowther’s time has been corrected, but the dodgy weather has also caused problems with the official timing devices.. We’ll bring you times and standings as soon as they are official.

14:50 – Australia’s Steven Lowther posts an unofficial 91:36 to take over on top of leaderboard. There’s lightning near the course, so officials have announced another race suspension.

14:49 – Warwick Draper now the leading Australian, in third, ahead of Kaylen Bassett

14:46 – Kaylen Bassett moves into fourth, 12 seconds behind Zhang of China

14:36 – Men’s C1 is underway. Currently Zhang (CHN) leads by nearly 4 seconds from Ferrari (ITA) and Zheng (CHN). There are 58 competitors in this event

14:16 – Jess Fox qualifies second in 95.86

14:13 – Czech Republic’s Veronica Vojtova is new leader in 95.04, Jones qualifies in eighth, Elena Kaliska qualified fourth so far with Jess Fox to come

14.12 – Australia’s Ros Lawrence scorches down in 97.68 to take the K1 lead. Olympic silver medallist Luuka Jones of NZ on course now

14:10 – A new leader! Chiara Sabattini (ITA – 99.42) leads from Noemie Fox (AUS) Eckhardt (AUS), Borrows (AUS), Ren (CHN), Broome (AUS), Tong (CHN) with eight paddlers to go

14:04 – We are back underway after a thunderstorm and hail! Women’s K1 first run, so far Noemie Fox (AUS) leads, from Eckhardt (AUS), from Borrows (AUS), Ren (CHN), Broome (AUS), Tong (CHN)

13.15 Afternoon session is underway, the thunderstorm has arrived, and the rain is here! Women’s K1 underway now

1237 – The unofficial top ten qualifiers, all into the semi-finals of the men’s K1 – Tohru Kanaya (39.81), J. Stanovsky (SVK), M. Stanovsky (KAZ), Yamamoto (JPN), Carter (AUS), Takiguchi (JPN), Kota (JPN), Morita (JPN), Coward (AUS), Yusuke (JPN).

1235 – We now have seven qualifiers, and five of them are from Japan! Kanaya, Stanovsky (KAZ), Yamamoto, Carter (AUS), Takiguchi, Kota, Morita

1232 – First qualifiers now being revealed – top three all from Japan – Yamamoto, Takiguchi, Kota – all into the semi-final

1228 – Currently Japan’s Masaya Takiguchi 101.31, Kota (JPN – 102.64), Coward (AUS – 103.88), Yusuke (JPN)

1220 – We are currently in the second runs of the men’s K1 – top ten will go through to the semi-final. Currently Japan’s Fujino Kota (102.64) leads from Muto Yusuke (JPN – 104.59) and Kristian Fiebig (AUS – 105.17)

1216pm – The heat is causing all sorts of problems on the course – many of the computers are overheating!

1139 – Warwick Draper’s re-run elevated him to 20th in the K1, but importantly from an Australian selection viewpoint, he is now the fifth Australian.

1135 – Men’s C2 – Skantar/Skantar (CZE – 99.00), Scianimanico/Cailhol (FRA – 105.15), Yu/Chen (CHN), Kucera/Batik (SVK), Hu/Junrong (CHN), Fiebig/Fiebig (AUS), McLaughlan/Shamieh (AUS).

1122 – Final top ten leaderboard – C1 1st run – Jess Fox (AUS – 102.56), Noemie Fox (AUS – 107.37), Jancova (CZE – 108.64), Matulkova (CZE – 108.96) Lawrence (AUS – 111.11) Eckhardt (AUS – 111.52) Jones (NZ), Chen (CHN), Jacquet (FRA), Borrows (AUS)

1116 – We have a new leader – Noemie Fox (AUS – 107.37), Jancova (CZE – 108.64), Matulkova (CZE – 108.96) Eckhardt (AUS – 111.52)

1112 – After 13 paddlers women’s C1- Jones (NZ – 111.96), Chen (CHN – 113.17), Choate (AUS – 121.56), Wall (AUS), Broome (AUS)

1105 – Olympic K1 silver medallist Luuka Jones (111.96) of NZ is the early leader after six paddlers in women’s C1. Australia’s Alexandra Broome (122.62) is second, China’s Cuishan Yu (126.54) third.

1101 – The top 30 from the men’s K1, subject to Draper’s re-run – Prskavec (CZE 83-19), Smolen (USA – 84.13), Delfour (AUS – 84.38), Clarke (GBR), Forbs-Cryan (GBR), Bourliaud (FRA), Aigner (GER), Hilgert (SUI), Dougoud (Switzerland), Burgi (France), Merritt (Aust), Ivaldi (Italy), Anderson (Australia), Biazizzo (FRA), Butcher (NZ), Malek (SVK), Thompson (Aust), Launay (POR), Gilbert (NZ), Cvikl (CZE), Watkins (Aust), Macus (SVK), Yoshida (JPN), Grigar (SVK), Pope (AUS), Maikranz (CZE), Draper (AUS), S. Stanovsky (SVK), Miko (SVK), Zhao (CHN). All are into the semi-final

1059 – We’ve just learned that Australia’s Warwick Draper has been allowed a re-run for the K1 because of technical issues

1058 – We have a delay to the start of the women’s C1

1033 – Prskavec (CZE 83-19), Smolen (USA – 84.13), Delfour (AUS – 84.38), Clarke (GBR), Forbs-Cryan (GBR), Bourliaud (FRA), Aigner (GER), Hilgert (SUI), Dougoud (Switzerland), Burgi (France), Merritt (Aust), Ivaldi (Italy), Anderson (Australia), Biazizzo (FRA), Butcher (NZ), Malek (SVK), Thompson (Aust), Launay (POR), Gilbert (NZ), Cvikl (CZE), Watkins (Aust), Macus (SVK), Yoshida (JPN), Grigar (SVK), Pope (AUS)

1022 – Latest semi qualifiers – Bourliaud (FRA), Hilgert (SUI), Dougoud (Switzerland), Burgi (France), Merritt (Aust), Ivaldi (Italy), Anderson (Australia), Butcher (NZ), Malek (SVK), Thompson (Aust), Launay (POR), Gilbert (NZ), Cvikl (CZE), Watkins (Aust), Macus (SVK)

1019 – So far through to the semis – Dougoud (Switzerland), Burgi (France), Ivaldi (Italy), Merritt (Aust), Anderson, (Australia), Butcher (NZ), Thompson (Aust), Gilbert (NZ), Cvikl (CZE), Watkins (Aust), Macus (SVK)

1012am – Switzerland’s Martin Dougoud is the new leader (88.29) ahead of France’s Quentin Burgi  (88.75), with Australia’s Tim Anderson third 89.64. There are 18 paddlers to go.

1005am – Frenchman Quentin Burgi is the new leader with a time of 88.75, ahead of Australia’s Angus Thompson (90.75) and Czech Republic’s Alexandr Maikranz third (93.97) after 45 of 72 paddlers.

953am – Some good times coming in now, with Slovakia’s Radoslav Miko posting 93.4 with a two second penalty. Japan’s Masaya Takiguchi is second with a time of 101.68, just ahead of Callan Grady (101.95). WA’s Louis Richardson is now fourth (104.64). We’ve had 34 paddlers so far.

950am – We’ve now had 28 paddlers complete the course for the K1, and it’s still Callan Grady (101.95), the third paddler on the course, who leads the field. Fellow Australian Samuel Grant is second, about six seconds behind (108.8), and New Zealand’s Damian Torwick is third (109.75)

935am – Australia’s Callan Grady is the early leader with a time of 101.95 in the men’s K1, but we’ve only had 12 paddlers through so far in a field of 72.. New Zealand’s Damian Torwick is second..

We’re underway at Penrith, it’s already a scorcher and they’re predicting 39 degrees today! Men’s K1 is up first – 72 starters, including four of the top five from the Rio Olympics!! Top 30 go through automatically..