2017 National Wildwater Championships and Southern Cup

Featured / Wildwater / Dec 30, 2016

This morning saw the National Wildwater Championships and Southern Cup races  conclude with the National Classic Championships on the Goulburn River at Eildon VIC.

Not only having to cope with rapids, the paddlers had to manage thick fog and rain to add to the challenge.

Wildwater racing is all about racing the clock, trying to meet national standards (%) set by the open men and to win age group classes. Many athletes rose to the occasion and  raced hard to try a meet these percentages.

The last 4 days saw many great performances including both of our male and female senior paddlers Robert McIntyre and Maddie Batters taking the open Sprint and Classic double Australian titles.

Other outstanding performances included Kaylen Bassett in the 23 male division Sprints, Marathon Champion Casey Haynes in the u23 Classic, while in the Juniors stand outs were Georgie Tonkin, Imogen Douglass, Madison Wilson, Max McDonald, James Humphrey and Robert Janiszewski in their age divisions.

A big thank you to the organising committee of River Racing Australia who ran the carnival on behalf of Paddle NSW and Canoeing Victoria and the many parents who assisted with start and finish timing.

For a full list of the RESULTS

Photo credit : Kylie Wilson (Rob McIntyre, Maddie Batters, Maddi Wilson)

Videos credit: Charlie Collins