Isabella Rositano

Canoe Sprint Athlete / Oct 5, 2016

National Team: Under-23

DOB: 2nd January 1996
Hometown: Adelaide, South Australia
Place of birth: North Adelaide
Club: West Lakes Canoe Club
Coach: Kristof Lepianka
Institute/Academy: SASI
Occupation/Area of Study: Strength and Conditioning Coach & currently studying Bachelor of Physiotherapy at UniSA & Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) at Deakin

At what age did you start paddling and how did you become involved in the sport? I began paddling at Westlakes in 2015 after being selected through the AIS Sports Draft scholarship

What do you like to do in your spare time when you’re not working or paddling? I like a bit of freestyle rapping, kicking the footy and i’m interested in film/theatre production

Who do you consider to be your hero/idol? Caleb Daniel and Kim Brennan

What is your sporting philosophy? You have this one opportunity of a lifetime, it means absolutely nothing if you don’t take advantage of it in the lifetime of this opportunity.

What is your most memorable sporting achievement? Rowing for 48 hours nonstop and breaking the longest continual indoor rowing world record with my teammates at Bond University Boat Club in 2014.

What is your ultimate sporting ambition? Gold at the Olympics and World Championships.

3rd (C2 200) – National Championships (Champion Lakes, WA)
3rd (C2 500) – National Championships (Champion Lakes, WA)
3rd (C4 1000) – National Championships (Champion Lakes, WA)
3rd (C4 200) – National Championships (Champion Lakes, WA)
2nd (C1 500) – Oceania Championships (West Lakes, SA)
3rd (C1 200) – Oceania Championships (West Lakes, SA)
4th (C4 1000) – Oceania Championships (West Lakes, SA)
4th (C4 500) – Oceania Championships (West Lakes, SA)
7th (C2 500) – Oceania Championships (West Lakes, SA)
8th (C2 200) – Oceania Championships (West Lakes, SA)
2nd (C1 500) – Grand Prix 1 (West Lakes, SA)
3rd (C1 200) – Grand Prix 1 (West Lakes, SA)

1st (C2 500) – National Championships (Penrith, NSW)
1st (C2 200) – National Championships (Penrith, NSW)
2nd (C1 2000) – National Championships (Penrith, NSW)
2nd (C1 500) – National Championships (Penrith, NSW)
3rd (C1 200) – National Championships (Penrith, NSW)