Canoe Sprint / Featured / Jun 30, 2016

There was no-one more shocked then Lachlan Tame and Ken Wallace the day they completely bombed their first K2 1000 World Cup race in Duisburg.

The two-time World Championship silver medallists firstly failed to make the A final, then they missed the B final, eventually having to contend with an outing among the also-rans in a C final.

“You might say we had a shocker, had a bad day in the office,” Tame said this week.

“You have ups and downs in training, and it just happened that we got a bad couple of days right on that World Cup.

“Yes it was bad, but at the end of the day it’s all about our end goal, and that’s Rio.”

To everyone’s relief, and most of all Tame and Wallace’s, the dodgy form in Duisburg was a mere blip, as they bounced back to win silver medals at the next two World Cup events.

Now 27-year-old Tame believes he and Wallace are well and truly back on track.

“Bouncing back was a good thing, we knew we still had it,” he said.

“It was just a bad day, and you can’t afford to have those against the best in the world, that will really hurt bad.

“So bouncing back was a step in the right direction.”

Since the last World Cup the 7-man 1000 metre squad have spent a lot of time on the water. More than a lot. An incredible amount.

“I’m feeling good, just coming off a massive block of training after the World Cups,” Tame said.

“We’ve covered 350+ kilometres of paddling in two weeks, headed back into our Hungary base ready to put the final touches on our preparations, so we can put our best foot forward in Rio.”

And while Australian Canoeing is still to officially announce who will be competing in which events in Rio, Tame is confident of which boat he’ll be in.

“Yeah I think I’m the K2 man now, I push and Kenny (Wallace) pulls,” he laughed.

“Seven more weeks and, touchwood I stay injury and sickness free, I’ll be in the K2 in Rio.”

While Rio will be Tame’s first Olympics, he’s surrounded by experience. None more than the many who’ll be alongside him in the K2, Wallace.

The Queenslander will be competing in his third Olympics, having won gold in Beijing in 2008. And Tame is lapping up all the knowledge Wallace and others have.

“I lean on the guys that have been there before like Kenny and Jake (Clear),” he said.

“It will be a whole new experience, but at the same time we just have to get over to Rio and pull our sticks.”