Another silver for Fox in Olympic-class slalom final

Canoe Slalom / Featured / Jun 14, 2016

Australia’s Jessica Fox has won another K1 World Cup silver medal in a final filled with athletes who will be competing at this year’s Rio Olympics.

Fox finished 2.12 seconds behind Spain’s Maialen Chourraut, who reveled on her local Seu course.

Last week Fox won silver in the opening World Cup in Italy, and will have another hit-out against a world-class field in the final World Cup in Pau, France, next weekend.

“This is my first medal in K1 in Seu, so I am really thrilled to make it onto the podium,” Fox said.

“Maialen and all the other Spanish girls have always been very strong here, so to get close to her is great.

“My run was one of my best finals, even though the top was a bit average, the bottom was really hard, I can’t feel my arms.”

Six of the athletes in the ten-boat final will all be competing at this year’s Olympics, giving Fox a good feel for how she is progressing.

“Having six Olympic boats in the final shows it is a good field, it’s good to see where we are compared to each other,” she said.

“I’m happy with how I started so far with two silver medals.”

Fox decided not to compete in the non-Olympic C1 in Seu, despite winning gold in the same class at the opening World Cup one week earlier.

The defending Olympic silver medallist said she wanted to treat the Seu World Cup as an Olympic simulation.

“I didn’t have a practice run like I usually have, where I get to test the course out in the C1 beforehand,” she said.

“You learn a lot from that, from doing the C1, so I had to focus more on watching the K1 men and video.

“But I felt fresh today.”

In her absence, Fox’s 19-year-old sister, Noemie, won bronze in the C1 on Saturday.