World Wildwater Championships Wrap from Bosnia & Hertzagovina

Featured / Wildwater / Jun 6, 2016

The 4 day World Wildwater Championships on the Vrbas River has just concluded for our Australian athletes.

In the sprint races yesterday Robert McIntyre concluded this part of the campaign with  a 10th place in the men’s K1 15 man final which was held under lights deep in the beautiful gorge just outside the City of Banja Luka.  His time was 55.16 seconds. The eventual winner was Maxime Richard from Belgium in a time of 52.63 seconds.

Earlier in the day Alex McIntyre in his first qualification run was 26th in the 53 man K1 field and in the second run finished 20th thus missing the final but had an overall position of 25th.

Our single ladies competitor in the K1, Georgina Collin had a solid second qualification run to be placed 14th and 19th overall in the field of 31 athletes.

In the earlier days of the competition the 3 competitors more known for their sprinting competed in the classic race. In the men’s K1 Robert McIntyre finished 29th out of the field of 58 starters in a time of 14 Minutes 21 seconds.  Brother Alex finished 36th in a time of 14 Minutes 30 seconds.  The ultimate winner was Maxime  Richard from Belgium in a time of 13 Minutes 24 seconds, followed by Tobias Bong  from Germany in a time of 13 minutes 27 seconds with the bronze medal going to Remi Pete from France in 13 minutes 28 seconds.

In the ladies K1 Genie Collin finished 25 out of the field of 31 starters in a time of 16 minutes 50 seconds.  The winner was Manon Hostens from France in a time of 14 minutes 37 seconds.  Second place was Alke Overbeck from Germany in a time of 14 minutes 48 seconds and in third place was Costanza Bonaccorsi from Italy in a time of 14 minutes 49 seconds.

In the masters competition Peter McIntyre finished 5th in the field of 7 in the 55 to 60 years age category in a time of 17 minutes 52 seconds.