Wildwater National Championships

Wildwater / Aug 21, 2014

So come on Wildwater Paddlers get yourself to beautiful Tasmania for a fun filled week of great paddling on some of Australia's premier Wildwater rivers.

The competition will include 3 sprint races and 2 classic races plus sprint and classic team events (3 Paddlers racing down the river together) so why not get your State based teams organised for some effective team races in conjunction with the individual events.

For Slalom Paddlers the Sprint races are a great cross over form of competition and for the marathon paddlers with the endurance who want to delve into wildwater the classic races are well suited.

This series of events will also act as selection events for the Australian National Senior team to contest World Wildwater Sprint Championships in Vienna Austria in June 2015 in conjunction with 2 World Cup Sprint and 2 World Cup Classic races in Austria and neighbouring Slovenia.

The National Junior team and for the first time an Under 23 Australian team will be selected from these championships to compete at World Wildwater Junior and Under 23 Championships in North Carolina, USA.

If you are thinking of nominating then check out the full selection policy that is soon to be released on the website. In summary however a national team to contest a World Wildwater championships in either senior, Junior or Under 23 can consist of a maximum of 4 men's K1, 4 woman's K1, 4 men's C1, 4 woman's C1 and 4 men's C2. Historically Australian teams have been mainly represented by men's and woman's K1 paddlers.

A brief summary of the selection policy is that paddlers must be less than a certain percentage of the fastest open men's K1 paddler in the event contested. There are 4 selection events and paddlers must be within the percentages in at least 3 of the races and then those successful athletes are ranked accordingly.

A summary of the percentages is as follows:

  • Open men's K1 111%
  • Under 23 men's K1 114%
  • Junior men's K1 119%
  • Open woman's K1 123%
  • Under 23 woman's K1 126%
  • Junior woman's K1 135%

These percentages have been based on years of gathering the performances of athletes of these different categories and age groups compared to the top overseas open K1 men on various European race courses that have also been paddles by Junior paddlers.

The Wildwater Technical Committee therefore encourages paddlers to nominate for Australian selection as these international tours are a rich and rewarding experience offering great paddling and great cultural experiences in wonderful alpine areas around the world. It is also a great opportunity to forge lifelong friendships with many overseas competitors as can be attested by many current and former Australian representatives.

If you have not paddled the Mersey river before then do not worry as many paddlers will be there training in the week leading up to competition and many senior paddlers would be only too happy to assist new comers by leading them down the course and providing the optimum lines.

Hoping to see you all down in Tasmania.

National Wildwater Technical Committee