Warrandyte Cup will be held on 31st August

Canoe Slalom / Aug 11, 2014

The Warrandyte Yarra Series Race will be run as normal with all age classes and certificates for each age group and class.

The Warrandyte cup will be determined on a points system with the best two out of three events determining your score for the day. Th ere will be a novice class and un-retired class, as well as trophies awarded in U14, U 18, U23 , Open and Masters +

Free entry for all new and all old paddlers coming back to have a paddle. We extend a warm welcome to fi rst time new paddlers: and a welcome back slalom for paddlers of the past.

Boats available for loan to those who need a boat.

Warrandyte Cup Entry $5, Race Entry $15

Free practice on the Course Saturday August 30, 2014 from 3pm

Yarra Series Race and Warrandtye Cup August 31, 2014 Registration until 9am