Slalom quartet get first taste of Deep Creek

Canoe Slalom / Jul 17, 2014

They are now 11 days into their camp. They have been working hard on their fitness and getting to know the course with the support of Head Coach Mike Druce and fellow coaches Julien Billaut and Myriam Fox.

“All athletes are fit and well and getting used to the water. There are two local gyms and plenty of running trails”, Druce said.

The general consensus is the course will be a tough challenge at Worlds.

“The course here is way harder than it looks. It is small, however really tricky! In some ways it reminds me of La Seu d’Urgell. It's fairly small, the water is slow, really unpredictable, and shallow,” Delfour said.

The course is also set at the top of a mountain where athletes are exposed to unpredictable weather conditions.

“The weather is pretty crazy; we've had a couple of tornado warnings then we've had to get off the water in a hurry,” Lawrence said.

Despite the unpredictable weather Lawrence has enjoyed the training camp where she has started using a new MS Composite K1.

“Things are going well in Deep Creek. We've been training hard, working on fitness and getting to know the course,” she said.

“I feel like this training camp is very valuable as we have had such a focused and high quality training block.”

Grant has equally benefited from training on the course ahead of Worlds.

“We have been able to do quite a lot of paddling and getting to know the course early before the Worlds in September has been a great opportunity,” Grant said.

“There also seems to be a lot of interest from the local community, with lots of people coming down to watch the training, so I think there will be a great crowd atmosphere in September.”

The team will remain in Deep Creek until the 20th July.