Wildwater Sprint World Championships – qualifications

Wildwater / Jun 15, 2014

The third day of competition saw the Adda river in full fury for the qualification runs of the World Wildwater Sprints. The river was running at somewhere around 120 to 130 cumecs and was a challenge for all paddlers with some of the men's K1 even swimming including one of the German paddlers in his second run even though he qualified for the final based on his first run time.

In run 1 of the woman's K1 Maddie Batters acquitted herself with distinction showing good control in the big water and was placed 19th in the field of 22 with a time of 50.75 seconds. The second run saw her improve her time with a 49.84 seconds but unfortunately it was not enough to improve on her 19th place.

In the men's K1 field of 51 competi