It’s time to renew your membership

General / Jun 13, 2014

As we get to the end of financial year, it is time to start thinking about renewing your club membership. 

Clubs and States have different membership options and take renewals in different ways.

You can check if your club offers online renewal on this list. If the word "Renew" is next to the club name then you can renew online.

Alternatively visit your club website to find out about how to renew.

Why should I renew?

Your membership provides you with important insurance coverage* as well as supports your local club, state and national organisations to offer more paddling opportunities.

*Make sure you find out what you will/will not be covered for

Do you live in NSW?

PaddleNSW membership works in a slightly different way. You must join PaddleNSW directly and then your club membership is done separtely.