Ms Catherine Ordway ends term as Independent Director

General / May 17, 2014

During her term, Ms Ordway made a significant and valuable contribution to the organisation whilst undertaking a sports related PhD and having increased professional commitments. 

Catherine states that “It is with regret that my academic commitments prevent me from being able to take on a second term with AC at this time. I have very much enjoyed working with the Board, state representatives and AC senior management and staff to help achieve its corporate goals and implement best practice governance standards. The dedication and passion evident from both staff and volunteers ensures that the sport of paddling will continue to grow in popularity and achieve success on the world stage.” 

According to Ms Danielle Woodward OAM (President and Chair, AC) “Australian Canoeing Inc. is a better organisation from Catherine’s involvement, particularly with the significant governance and gender equity reforms implemented during her term…..Catherine can take great pride in the knowledge that she was very much instrumental in ensuring that such reforms came to fruition for AC in a timely manner.” 

Furthermore, Ms Woodward, stated that “on behalf of the Board I thank Catherine for her input into Board meetings with her openness, frankness and understanding of sometimes complex issues”. 

Whilst Catherine is stepping down as a Director, she has happily accepted the opportunity to still remain involved with AC in a voluntary consultancy basis. 

Ms Ordway states that “…whilst standing down as a Director, I will continue to support AC in its efforts to achieve gender equity at the international level, both in leadership positions and in medal opportunities available to women.” 

With the departure of Ms Ordway, the Board and Nominations Committee will consider her replacement over the next few weeks with a likely replacement needing to have a similar strong legal background. 

According to Greg Doyle (CEO, AC) “As the next six months for AC will involve considerable legal input into policy and by-law development as well as the migration from an ‘Incorporated’ body to a ‘company limited by guarantee’; an individual with strong and industry experience similar to Catherine’s will be required as well someone who has a high degree of commitment and time.” 

AC wishes Catherine all the very best in her future academic pursuits and professional career.