Breuer takes giant strides to win junior C1 final

Canoe Slalom / Apr 27, 2014

It was a massive improvement for the German who finished 29th at last year’s event in Slovakia.

Breuer overcame a gate touch on 13 to win in 104.31, 3.30 seconds ahead of Ireland’s sole competitor Liam Jegou.

“Yes. I cannot believe it”, said Breuer.

While many of his fellow competitors struggled with the difficult gate combinations Breuer enjoyed the course.

“It is really tough and I think that it my style. I am not a very strong man, more technique and difficult style”, Breuer said.

Breuer had the luxury of knowing what his fellow finalists had posted as he waited in the start pond.

He was only focused on what he could do.

“No I concentrate only on me and not the other guys and I think I had a good run and that is the only thing that counts”, Breuer said.

Silver medalist Jegou from happy to win a medal after finishing sixth last year.

“It is great, I am really happy”, Jegou said.

“I have made three finals before so to finally win a medal, it is great.”

It is the Irishmen’s first trip to Australia and he now has a new favourite course.

“It is such a great course. It is difficult but when you get it right it is really smooth and when you do not get it right it can be a nightmare”, Jegou said.

Russian Roman Malyshev edged semifinal winner Samuel Ibbotson of Great Britain to take home the bronze medal in 110.54.

Italian Raffaello Ivaldi finished fifth.

Australian Brodie Crawford was a big improver finishing tenth, 27 places higher than the same time last year.

Official Junior C1M Final
1. Florian Breuer (GER) – 104.31 (2)
2. Liam Jegou (IRL) – 107.61 (2)
3. Roman Malyshev (RUS) – 110.54 (2)
4. Samuel Ibbotson (GBR) – 111.22 (2)
5. Raffaello Ivaldi (ITA) – 111.84 (6)
6. Martin Mracna (SVK) – 115.19 (6)
7. Marko Gurecka (SVK) – 116.07
8. Luis Fernandez (ESP) – 120.15 (12)
9. Jakob Jeklin (SLO) – 123.17
10. Brodie Crawford (AUS) – 225.77 (104)