Brazilian Satila K1W Junior champion

Canoe Slalom / Apr 26, 2014

The 2012 London Olympian dominated the final winning in 114.48, which included a gate touch on 22.

“I cannot believe it, it is a dream. I did not know what to do and I am so happy, I do not have words to talk”, Satila said shortly after her victory.

Earlier, Satila recorded the fifth fastest semifinal run. As a result the Brazilian teenager had to wait patiently at the finish line to see if her time held the test of time.

“I was waiting for the last competitors and I wait, and I was the best”, Satila said.

The victory was an important milestone for Brazil with Rio de Janeiro to stage the Olympic Games in 2016.

“It is so good, all the athletes in Brazil have been training a lot ahead of the competition and in Rio we will try our best as it is our competition and it is our moment”, Satila said.

Australian Kate Eckhardt surprised herself to win the silver in 121.77, 7.29 seconds behind Satila.

“I was a little nervous. After my run I didn’t think I would be in contention but once we got down to the last few paddlers I thought that I had a chance so my heart was beating pretty fast too”, Eckhardt said.

The 16 year old has come a long way in the space of a year.

“It is amazing. I am so excited to see how far I have progressed from coming 24th last year to second this year. It is so exciting”, Eckhardt said.

Slovakian Paulina Matulaniova will take home the bronze medal 7.71 seconds behind the winner.

Australian Noemie Fox missed out on a medal by 0.21 seconds, with German Anna Faber rounding out the top five.

Defending champion Amalie Hilgertova of the Czech Republic finished seventh.

Satila will contest the junior C1W event on Sunday.

Official result below.

Junior K1W Final
1. Ana Satila (BRA) – 114.48 (2)
2. Kate Eckhardt (AUS) – 121.77 (6)
3. Paulina Matulaniova (SVK) – 122.19 (4)
4. Noemie Fox (AUS) – 122.40 (2)
5. Anna Faber (GER) – 122.48 (4)
6. Sabina Foltysova (CZE) – 123.32 (4)
7. Amalie Hilgertova (CZE) – 129.68 (8)
8. Lena Teunissen (NED) – 140.91 (6)
9. Jiahua Yan (CHN) – 179.41 (60)
10. Silvia Brosova (SVK) – 305.61 (158)