Victorian Downriver and Rapid Sprint Dates for 2014

Wildwater / Apr 18, 2014

Rapid sprints are a lot of fun, therefore the races below have been opened up to include a range of boats (slalom, creek, surf & touring.) 

Rapid sprints are also great for:

  • beginner paddlers as competitors remain within view of spectators/safety 
  • slalom paddlers to enhance their training, and to experience some new opportunities 
  • surf and multisport athletes, an opportunity to further develop their skill) 
  • marathon paddlers thinking about developing their skills on moving water before the Avon Descent or international WW marathons

Many of the top wildwater paddlers have made the transition into world championship flat-water events, such as Olympics and world championships with great results ( eg Max Hoff and many more). Many of these athletes have been regarded highly for their excellent feel of the water, a skill that is further developed on moving water.

So come along if you are a slalom, sprint, surf, creek, polo or marathon paddler looking for new training or racing opportunities. Both the classic (3-5km) and rapid sprints (300-500 metres) have team events, and the national committee is keen to develop the Australian teams for competition overseas in World Championship and World Cup events. 

For more details please email Tony Misson at

You should consider trying out some of the following events.

·         17-May-14 Yarra Classic  Venue TBA (depending on water level)

·         14-Jun-14 Yarra Sprint Venue Griffiths Park

·         19-Jul-14 Big River Country Series/ Classic

·         16-Aug-14 King River Country Series Classic

·         30-Aug-14 Yarra Sprint Warrandyte Bridge

·         6 Sep-14 Vic Schools DR

·         14-Sep-14 Vic Champs Homestead to Wittons. Classic

·         11-Oct-14 Yarra Sprint Dights Falls

·         15-Nov-14 Vic Rapid Sprint Champs – Goulburn River

All classes and boats will be catered for, and practice runs and coaching is available.

Phone Chris 98488097 or 0400043313.

Registration from 9 am and briefing at am start