Team Navy

General / Apr 14, 2014

Team Navy is a branding initiative of the Royal Australian Navy, which has been involved with sporting teams since 2011.  Current alliances involve Ford Performance Racing, Mackay’s Friers Offshore Racing, RUSH NSW BMX, Renshaw Racing, Warwick Nowland’s WNR Force 600cc Sportsbike team, George Bass Surfboat Marathon and the Team Navy Driver Chaz Mostert.

Keep an eye out for Team Navy representatives at the big race, and you can find out more information about Team Navy at their website:

'AC is delighted to have Team Navy as a partner at the upcoming World Championships. I’m sure that this will be the start of a long and fruitful alliance as it is quite apparent that there is a synergy between both organisations that extends beyond being water based organisations. In particular, Australian Canoeing identifies with Team Navy’s values of ‘courage’, ‘integrity’, ‘honour’ and ‘honesty’.' AC CEO, Gregory Doyle