Meet the AC athletes commission

General / Mar 2, 2014

If there is anything about your discipline, positive or negative, that you would like the athlete’s commission to know about, please do not hesitate to contact them.

The role of the athlete’s commission is to

–       promote harmony among athletes, coaches and volunteers;

–       promote communication among athletes;

–       provide peer group review of athlete behaviour;

–       communicate on behalf of athletes to the Chief Executive Officer;

–       provide the Board with the view of athletes on any matters relating to Australian Canoeing;

–       represent athletes in other forums, as invited;

–       actively promote Australian Canoeing to the community.


The athlete’s commission has been brought together from a variety of disciplines –

•    Ken Wallace (Sprint) – Chair

Ken Wallace is all smiles

•    Jacqui Lachmann (Slalom) – Vice Chair

Jacqui Lawrence celebrates silver in the ladies K1 in Beijing

•    Craig Hutchinson (Canoe Polo)

Craig Hutchinson

•    Kate McGrath (Marathon & Ocean Racing)

Kate McGrath

Kate McGrath would like to see marathon progress in Australia –

"Even though Marathon is non-Olympic, at the top tier, I’d like to see it step up in terms of professionalism in Australia. We have a lot of potential that can achieve internationally given dedication, support and respect for this discipline.

Generally too I’d like to see more people enjoying marathon and turning up to races supporting clubs, the sport and developing the next generation of paddlers into any discipline. There’s alot of variety on offer for where races are held, the conditions, the craft you can paddle, the distances and style of racing mapped out at each event. I think paddlers from all other paddling disciplines can benefit from these events as part of their own training…if for nothing else, paddlers should turn up and do a marathon race for the social aspect."

Craig Hutchinson began as a marathon paddler 16 years ago, before transitioning to canoe polo. A long term Australian team member, when he's not on the water he is kept busy running his own graphic design business. 

"I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot through representative competition and seeing the level of competition over in Europe particularly. It’s amazing and inspiring to see Canoe Polo progress to an almost professional level over there and I aspire to one day emulate that in Australia. "

You can read the AC Athlete’s Commission Bylaw here.