The Murray Marathon 2013

General / Jan 12, 2014

Despite challenging conditions, such as extreme fire danger warnings and snakes, the event was an all-round success. 

A wide variety of competitors participated, some for their first time, some for their thirtieth, and one on a stand up paddle board.

Find out more by following the link:

Event wrap up

Recap of Line Honours 2013 Day 1
1. Old Mates/Craft #65
2. Brett Greenwood/Craft #27 

3. Bush Pigs in Red/Craft #26

Day 3
1. Bush Pigs In Red/Craft # 26
2. Old Mates/Craft #65
3. Ross and Phill/Craft #179

Day 4
1. Old Mates/Craft #65
2. Bush Pigs In Red/Craft #26
3. The Red Murray Hurries/Craft #101

Day 5
1. Bush Pigs In Red/Craft #26
2. Old Mates/Craft #65
3. Brett Greenwood/Craft #27 

Margaret Baker Handicap - Kani Paddling Gear
Fastest Outright Boat -Œ Brett Greenwood
Junior 14 -Œ Sam Dinkgreve
Junior 16 -Œ Crusaders
Junior 18 - Fitness to Witness
Schools Cup Boys -Œ Camberwell Grammar Under 18A 
Schools Cup Girls - MLC Blue Bunnies 

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