WA marathon state 10km championships

Canoe Marathon / Jan 9, 2014

Champions Lake, Sunday 29 Dec 2013

This year we supported the work being done by “beyond blue” (http://www.beyondblue.org.au)  by donating part of the race entry fee to this worthwhile cause. As part of our support paddlers where asked to dress in blue and the Fancy dress theme was “Blue.”  Darryl Long took the prize for the adults, Mathew Greed the teenagers' prize with Kelly and David Tempest taking the younger persons' prize.

At 9:30 am the paddlers all lined up on the far side of the lake. Each type of craft had their own start grid encouraging fierce competition between similar boats. The long 2,000m straight into a head wind soon sorted out the groups with the cross lake and the narrow and sometimes shallow return leg providing chances to gain on the craft in front. On the second lap some of the faster craft from the rear start grids started to move up providing lifts for the slower boats to catch up. Most paddlers finished in less than an hour.

Alessio C. (AKC) won the Guppy race with Kelly T. (AKC) in second and Gabrielle B. (CLBC) third. In the 5km short course Yasmin R. (BPC) won the u12s with fellow squad member Shania S. (BPC) winning the U14 class.

In the well represented K1 classes Shanon S. (MOC) led the 35+ men home with Wendy D. (AKC) leading the ladies. John H. (AKC) won the 45+ men with Eddie S. (CRCC) strongly finishing to win the 55+ class. The U12s class leader Luke E. (CRCC) was a long way in front, while Mathew G. (AKC) won the U14s by over a minute.  In the U18/16s there was quite a bit of tactical racing going on but Tim C. (CRCC) came out ahead easily.

Chris W. was a clear winner of the long plastic class. In the very competitive MultiSport Kayak class Patrick T. (AKC) finished 3 minutes ahead but further down there were some tight finishes. In the Ocean Ski classes several paddlers were preparing for the International Duel and The Doctor races in January by participating in this event. Richard Y. (IOP) won the Open/35+ Class with Kenneth F. (CRCC) winning the 45+/55+ class.

The no-Championships Doubles  class was won by the mixed K2 of Darryl L. & Susan Q. (AKC) with the U14 K2 of Caleb B. & Kye B. (CLBC/AKC) 3 mins behind. This class contained three Father and Son teams making interesting racing.     

Winners of the Perpetual Shields for fastest Male and Lady Paddlers was Shanon Sime (MOC) in K1 35+ class and Bronwyn Martin (AKC) in the K1 U18 class … Congratulations to both.

Once again we are privileged to have a band of volunteers to help organise and run these events for the benefit of all paddlers, many thanks to you all set-uppers, registration people, fancy dress judges, starters, check point marshals and last but not least, Timers.

The next event will be the Canning River Race on Sunday 9th February, 2014, Starting at Deep Water Point. Online Entries are now open (http://wa.canoe.org.au/event.asp?p=16559&format=popup ) or off the Canoeing WA web page.

State Marathon Titles are scheduled for the 8th and 9th of March. 

National Titles are once again over Easter in Victoria. If you are interested in going and have not yet registered your interest, please email marathonwa@canoe.org.au .. We are organising a trailer to take boats over to this event.