River to Rio

General / Dec 13, 2013

Australia’s top female canoe sprint paddlers are currently based in Blanchetown, South Australia where they have spent a week of intense training on the Murray River.

Sporting a blister or two since the start of the camp on Sunday following GP1 the female sprint paddlers have clocked 165km with the camp centred around ‘high volume paddling’ with some added cross training.

“It is great to see so many girls from around Australia come into this base training camp. We're all going to gain so much from this week and enter 2014 fitter than we've ever been before ready to start our race pace and sprint stage heading into the European season”, said Naomi Flood.

Despite the extreme elements Flood enjoyed training in a new environment.

“It is great to see everyone bashing through all conditions and elements! The longest kayak paddling I've ever done! Really cool to do something different and somewhere so Australian!”

Following a breakthrough year in 2013, Bernadette Wallace has enjoyed the camaraderie.

“We're sticking together as a team and supporting each other, no one is getting left behind. The mental and physical strength of the girls is shining through and I'm looking forward to another exciting season for the Aussie women's kayak teams”, Wallace said.

The camp will conclude on Saturday before the girls return to their home states.

A second ‘Women’s National Team Preparation Camp’ will be held at the AIS facility on the Gold Coast from 19-24 January.