Slalom 2014 Aus Open, Nationals and Schools Nationals Newsletter

Canoe Slalom / Nov 26, 2013

The Event will be held on the Sydney 2000 Olympic Course at Penrith Whitewater Stadium, Penrith Sydney in conjunction with the Australian Open 2014.

Approximately 200 competitors, volunteers, teachers, parents, guardians and family are expected to attend.

This Newsletter is to provide important information, including the provisional program and entry fees.  Please read the following information carefully.

All information can also be accessed through the Competition website:

Please visit our website regularly to ensure you have the latest information.


The PWS course has been the host venue for this event in 2008 when the Schools and Nationals were successfully held in conjunction with the then Australian Open.  

The course is approximately 320 metres long and can and will operate on varying levels of water depending upon the pumps used.  The largest rapid is designated a grade 3+ standard.  All participants are required to abide by the Australia Canoeing (AC) safety regulations for the competition.  Competitors must be able to swim and competently paddle grade 2-3 water. A modified course for Schools will be set in conjunction with PWS, AIS and PNSW – the course for Schools Championships will be run on 4 pumps with the start below the top pond (subject to course modification)  and the finish at or around the Beach.

Training on the course will be available at open training times as published by PWS at competitors own expense. 

On water safety at this venue is the responsibility of the Schools/Clubs during the whole Event. All participants must acknowledge and obey directions given by PWS staff.

Race Format – Australian Schools Championships

The Schools Slalom races will consist of two (2) runs, except for Teams Races.  The Down River Event is one run only.  Medals will be awarded to all placegetters in their relevant age group in all categories.

Teams events will be held on the flatwater gates at PWS. The Downriver event will be held on the lake adjacent to PWS and will be in a modified head to head (per age group) format on a set course.  

Race Format – Australian Championships

The 2014 Australian Slalom Championships this year will be a traditional format.

All age group champions will be decided on the best run of 2 runs per event. These runs will stand as qualification events for the Australian Open Final, to be held on Sunday 26 January.

The top 10 K1 and C1 and top 10 C2 paddlers from all age groups  (in those classes relevant to the Australian Open) will compete in the Finals on Sunday morning, 26 January. There will be a B Final for the next top 10 boats in each relevant event. Time permitting the Nationals Teams event will be conducted after the B Final.

Medals will be awarded to all placegetters in their relevant age group categories.  Medals/Trophies will be awarded to placegetters in the A Finals.

Provisional Race Information and Schedule January 20 – January 26, 2014

Race Selection Information

This will be published at a later date.

Provisional Program

January 19 – Sunday                2.00 pm       Schools Team Managers Meeting

                                              2.30 pm       Schools Team Managers & Individual Bib Distribution

                                              4.00 pm       Schools Course set & Demonstrations                                                     

January 20 – Monday               7.00 – 7.30 am          Free pratice all Juniors U14

                                              7.30 – 12.00pm        Schools Session 1 & 2

                                              2.00  – 4.00 pm         Downriver head to Head

January 21 – Tuesday              7.00 – 12.00pm        Schools Session 1 & 2

                                              2.00  – 4.00 pm          Flatwater teams Teams

                                              6.00 pm                    Nationals and Aus Open Team Managers meeting

January 22 – Wednesday          Layday

                                              Practice open to all competitors on PWS at own expense

                                              7.00 pm       Officials Dinner – Penrith Regatta Centre                                                     

January 23 – Thursday             Layday

                                              2.00 pm Team Managers Meeting

                                              5.00 pm Nationals & Open Course set Demonstration runs

January 24 – Friday                  Australian National Championships/Australian Open Qualifications

                                              7.00 – 12.00 pm       Session 1 and 2                                             

January 25 – Saturday              7.00 – 12.00 pm       Session 1 and 2

                                              5.00 pm Australian Open Finals Course set

January 26 – Sunday                7.00 – 12.00 pm       Aus Open Final, Selection B Final & Interstate Team Events

                                              2.00 pm                   Presentations at the end of Club Teams



The date for close of entries has been set for 7 January 2014.  Any entries accepted after this date will attract late fees as specified in the following information.  Please note for all entries the relevant forms must be completed in total, including event waivers and parental consent form.  To compete in the Australian Schools and Australian Slalom Championships you must be a Full Competition member (Senior, Junior or Family Member) of an affiliated club and be able to provide the relevant AC membership number on the entry form.   International Paddlers must be members and have approval of their relevant National Association. International Paddlers must provide evidence of there own insurance.

Competitors in the Australian Schools Championships must either comply with the above; or the School must provide a “Certificate of Currency” from their Insurer detailing the specific event.  If School competitors are not Full Competition members of a Club or are unable to provide a Certificate of Currency, they are able to compete in the Australian Schools event only by completing the Paddle NSW “Come and Try” form and pay an additional relevant fee ($10.00 per paddler). There will be no exceptions.  Come and Try is only available for Australian Schools Competition not Australian Championships.

Large Schools must enter via Excel Spreadsheet, small schools may enter on line. 

Entries for the Australian Championships will be online via the Event website (

Entries must be fully paid prior to the Event (direct credit, paypal orcheque). 

Contact – Ros Lawrence via email for any queries regarding payments.


Entry Fees

Australian  Schools:           $80 for all events (flat fee) per competitor, plus $10 for each Team Entry

                (Plus $10 per Competitor for “Come & Try” Insurance if required – see above)


Interstate Team Events:     $30 per paddler, unlimited events. 


Australian Nationals:          $95 per competitor (limited to 2 events). 


Class Constitution & Medals

In order for a class to be constituted there must be a minimum of three entries and two starters.  Medals will be presented to all placegetters.  Classes will be constituted on close of entries (7 January, 2014).


Events, Classes and Age Categories

Australian Slalom / Wildwater (Down River) Schools Championships 2013


K1 & C1                                       – 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12

WK1 & WC1                                 – 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12

C2 & WC2 & Mixed C2                  – 18, 16, 14


Minimum of 3 entries and starters for individual events will constitute a class.

Teams                                         – In all Classes above in “Senior” and “Junior” Categories

                                                      Junior is classified as paddlers 15 years and under


Age Groups


18 years +                                   – born 1995 or earlier

17 years                                      – born 1996

16 years                                      – born 1997

15 years                                      – born 1998

14 years                                      – born 1999

13 years                                      – born 2000

12 years                                      – born 2001


Australian Canoe / Kayak Slalom Championships 2014

Age Groups / Events (Classes listing exact ages means “that age and under”)


K1                                                   – Vintage, Veterans, Masters, Over 23, 22, 18, 16, 14, 12

K1W                                                – Vintage, Veterans, Masters, Over 23, 22, 18, 16, 14, 12

C1                                                   – Vintage, Veterans, Masters, Over 23, 22, 18, 16, 14, 12

C1W                                                – Vintage, Veterans, Masters, Over 23, 22, 18, 16, 14, 12

C2                                                   – Vintage, Veterans, Masters, Over 23, 22, 18, 16, 14, 12

C2W                                                – Vintage, Veterans, Masters, Over 23, 22, 18, 16, 14, 12

C2Mixed                                          – Vintage, Veterans, Masters, Over 23, 22, 18, 16, 14, 12

Teams                                             – Senior (over 18) and Junior (Under 18) in all classes


Age groups


Open                                               – any age

Vintage (Super Grand Masters)        – over 55 born 1959 or before

Veterans (Grand Masters)                 – over 45 born 1960 to 1969

Masters                                            – over 30 born 1970 to 1984

Over 23                                            – 1985 to 1991

22 and under                                    – born 1991 to 1995

Under 18                                          – born 1996 to 1997

Under 16                                          – born 1998 to 1999

Under 14                                          – born 2000 to 2001

Under 12                                          – born 2002 or after


Traditional Teams only will be offered in all classes provided there are 3 entries. 

State Teams will be constituted from paddlers from the same State only, each State can enter an unlimited number of Teams.  Clubs can enter unlimited Teams, but paddlers must compete for the same Club throughout the Championships.

To encourage teams all of K1, C1 and C2 teams paddlers can be of either gender.

Teams entries must be received with the initial Entry Forms and will only be considered if received by the closing date.


Start List

The provisional start list will be posted and distributed to Team Officials.  Official start lists will be posted on the official notice board before the race and distributed to Race Officials and at the team managers meeting.


Start Order

The Start order for Australian Championships will be as per the published program, in reverse ranked order.  Start order will be determined by ICF Ranking then Australian Ranking.  Competitors with no Australian Ranking will be placed at the top of the list in no particular order or as determined at the discretion of the event organisers.

For the Australian Schools events, the organizers reserve the right to have the start order from fastest to slowest, to help prevent overtaking and make the event run more smoothly.


Start Intervals

Start intervals will be 60 seconds between each competitor. There will be a time period of 2 minutes between classes.


Course Design

One Course Designer will be appointed by Australia Canoeing, STC for the Australian Nationals and Australian Open.  Invitations for the second course designer will be called and accepted from suitable qualified persons prior to course erection.  Course designers will be drawn randomly.


Demonstration Runs and Course Approval

There will be  demonstration runs  which will take place at the designated time as per the published program.  Course approval will take place on the evening prior to the relevant event. The organisers may at their discretion elect to run demonstration runs for the Australian Open Finals.


Body Number Distribution

Body Numbers / Bibs will be distributed at the briefing for both Slalom and Down River Races. Body Numbers will not be distributed to competitors until all entry fees have been paid.


Start and Finish

Signs will designate the start and the finish.



Provisional results will be published on a notice board in the athlete area. Official results will be posted in the athlete area. 

Protest times are 20 minutes following posting of the provisional results.  All protests must be lodged at the compiling desk by your Team Manager and be accompanied by $50 protest fee.  At the discretion of the Chief Judge inquiries into the matter or technical errors can be dealt with as a simple enquiry (no fee).  Only nominated Team Leaders/Managers may make enquiries or protests on behalf of athletes. Video evidence will not be considered.


Boat and Gear Control (Scruitineering)

Competitors must ensure their equipment adheres to the ICF Rules current as at the date of the event.

Measuring  equipment will be available to all athletes prior the start of the Competition Friday 17 January 2014 at times which will be published closer to the event.  Boat Control will be a random selection following each run for boat length, width, weight etc, as well as Competitors buoyancy vests and helmets.


Officials Meeting/Briefing

There will be an Officials Briefing following the Competitors Briefing before each race.

Officials / Volunteers will need to be in place and ready to start 20 minutes before the event is scheduled to start.  

Each section will be supplied with and umbrella or sunshade to be erected and dismantled by the section staff and refreshments will be supplied throughout the Competition. A list of officials / volunteers will be posted.


Competition RULES

The Australian Schools and Australian Championships will be run under ICF Rules current as at the date of the event, unless otherwise noted in this document.

Other items of note are:

  • There is in place a nationally approved set of Guidelines for National Schools Whitewater Championships, the Schools events will be run to these guidelines. 
  • The Program will not wait for the sharing of boats.
  • Classes will be formed on the Close of Entry (7 January).
  • Boats must be fully decked for all slalom races.
  • Open Canadian and semi decked boats will be accepted for the Australian Schools Down River Competition only.
  • All Downriver boats for the Schools Downriver Events, must meet ICF Rules with air bags at each end of the boat.  Slalom boats in the Downriver, must meet slalom requirements for buoyancy, air bags are at the discretion of the paddler.
  • All competitors must be able to roll or self rescue.


General Information

  • It is intended Australia Canoeing will be offering Level 1 and Level 2 Officiating and Judging Course to be held in the afternoon of 22 and 23 January. These Courses are ASC Certified.  All parents and paddlers who attend regular races are encouraged to attend these Courses.  Please email Christine Grant ( for more information.


Volunteer for The Australian National Championships 2014

The Organising Committee welcomes any and all volunteers. Please return the volunteer information sheet, before 7 January 2014.  The Volunteer Form can be found on the website or email Peter Croft at

There are many areas in which to volunteer including site control, judging, compiling, boat control, entries and much more.  Volunteering will give you the chance to be part of this event, meet new people and renew old friendships.  The NSW Slalom Committee will provide all Volunteers with a souvenir officials shirt, hat, as well as provide lunch and refreshments.

Paddle NSW Slalom TC place great value on the terrific job that all our Volunteers and Officials do, often in extreme circumstances, for little or no recognition.  In 2014 we will be recognizing this sacrifice and help with an invite to our Officials Dinner to take place on the night of Wednesday 22 January at 7.00 pm. 

All officials will be invited to the Event Dinner.


Event Contacts

Chris Thompson – Event Organizer. 0418 466 983 ;

Assistant organiser: Col Borrows:

Leanne Tulloch – Finance and ALL ENTRIES:

Compiling – Christine Borrows: Borrows:

Field of Play and technical Organiser John Kelly: