Aussie kayakers dominate International Surf Rescue Challenge

General / Oct 14, 2013

The event was held at the picturesque Onjuku Beach from 19-23 September with the comprehensive program consisting of swim, board, surf ski and beach events.

Flood and Tame joined fellow Australian surf Life Saving legends Shannon Eckstein and Kristyl Smith amongst the senior ranks, while Bain contested the youth competition with the Australian junior team consisting of the best under 20 athletes in the country.

Seven nations contested the event with Hong Kong, South Korea, Canada, New Zealand and the USA joining host Japan and Australia.

As expected Australia dominated winning both the Open and Youth competitions ahead of New Zealand and Japan in both categories.

In difficult conditions Flood and Tame both demonstrated their prowess on the surf ski winning their respective men’s and women’s event, before combining to win the mixed event.

The duo were also members of the men’s and women’s winning Taplin relay teams, while Flood also featured in the Open Board Race finishing fifth.

Sunshine Coast kayaker Bain won the men’s youth single ski event, finished second in the mixed ski and fourth in the youth ironman event.

Full list of relevant results below.

Canoe sprint action will return to Australian shores from 6-8 December for Grand Prix 1 which will be held at West Lakes in South Australia.

21. Surf Ski Race Female Open
1st.Naomi Flood/AUS
2nd.Danielle Mckenzie
3rd.Lisa Carrington/NZL
4th.Alexandra Ferguson/CAN
5th.Jennifer Noonan/USA
6th.Yurika Mitsui/JPN
7th.Saaya Nasukawa/JPN

22. Surf Ski Race Male Open
1st.Lachlan Tame/AUS
2nd.Chris Moors/NZL. Kendrick Louis/AUS
3rd.Shannon Eckstein/AUS
4th.Liam O'Loughlin/NZL
5th.Tim Burdiak/USA
6th. Kosuke Nagatake/JPN
7th.James Verreault/CAN

24. Surf Ski Race Male Youth
1st.Bill Bain/AUS
2nd.Ben Carberry/AUS
3rd.Ben Cochrane/NZL
4th.Jack Manners/NZL

4. Ocean Man Youth (Ironman Youth)
1st.Isak Costello/AUS
2nd.Ben Cochrane/NZL
3rd.Ben Johnston/NZL
4th.Bill Bain/AUS

25. Board Race Female Open
1st.Kristyl Smith/AUS
2nd.Danielle McKenzie/NZL
3rd.Devon Halligan/NZL
4th.Kelsey O'donnell/USA
5th.Naomi Flood/AUS
6th.Reina Oyama/JPN
7th.Nami Mizuma/JPN

13. Mixed Surf Ski Relay Open

14. Mixed Surf Ski Relay Youth