Canoeing to benefit from Innovation Funds

General / Oct 10, 2013

Canoeing was awarded 2 of the 17 projects in total, and will receive a share of the $2.4 million of Competitive Innovation Fund allocated across the Sports Commission.

Australian Sports Commission Chief Executive Simon Hollingsworth said sailing, swimming, athletics, canoeing, diving, rowing, golf, hockey, winter sports, equestrian, badminton, rugby 7s, basketball, cycling and boxing would benefit from the fund's inaugural round of allocations.

"The Competitive Innovation Fund is a significant investment in the future of high performance sport," he said.

"It promotes Australia's Winning Edge 2012-2022 outcomes, provides opportunities in coaching related work, sport specific projects and technological innovation across numerous sports."

"A key goal of the fund is to make sports think differently about the way they pursue success, including how they could possibly work with other sports to improve performance."

"The fund projects provide a diverse range of initiatives – from advancing technology in rowing to computational analysis for canoeing and diving – to help Australia's high performance athletes and coaches perform at an even higher level on the world stage."

Project's were selected by an appointed panel based on their capacity to provide a performance return on the investment, the level of collaboration within the sport, and ability of the initiatives to contribute to the performance of coaches and athletes.

Canoeing was granted $200,000 toward its "Plug & Paddle" and "Fins" projects collectively. The Plug & Paddle project provides an opportunity to utilise 3-D scanning and form-fitting design techniques toward achieving optimal boat fit reducing injury & enhancing performance. The 2nd proposal is for Australia to successfully establish the use of fins attached to slalom boats for reducing drag and improving athlete performance.

AIS Director Matt Favier said "The Competitive Innovation Fund is a powerful tool to drive fresh thinking and new approaches across a range of themes in high performance sport. It endeavours to encourage fresh ideas in high performance coaching and leadership, as well drive the development of technological advances in Australian sport as athletes and coaches prepare for the Commonwealth Games next year and then on towards Rio 2016."ÂÂÂå

"The investment is a crucial plank in the Australia's Winning Edge strategy with the AIS supporting sports to deliver international success."ÂÂÂå

A full list of sports receiving funding can be found at