Marathon #1 – Island 2 Island Race

Canoe Marathon / Oct 2, 2013

Sunday, 6 Oct 2013, registration 7:30 to 8:30 am, briefing at 8:45am

This is the opening race of the marathon season and a good test of which paddlers have continued training since the end of the 2012 -2013 season.  Racing will be in divisions as in previous years. The first 4 divisions will be for the long course with fastest craft starting first, fifth division will be on the short or junior course and the novice and guppies will be separate divisions. Pennants will be presented to the three place getters of each division.  

Race entry fees are at the same price as previous years if you do the online entry. Entries will be accepted on the day but there will be an extra cost of $5.00 per paddler. 

This year we will be trying the start 350m upstream of the Ascot Jetty. After paddling downstream, leaving Ron Courtney Island to the left and under the Redcliffe and Garret Road bridges competitors will turn into the Ascot Waters Canals using the red portside channel marker instead of the 2 buoys further downstream. Inside the canals there are 2 more bridges, one rather low, before exiting back into the main river. Paddling upstream under the Garret Road and Redcliffe Bridges, paddlers, leaving Ron Courtney Island to the left again, will finish at the Ascot Jetty, between the buoys as in previous years.

The Short or Junior Course will take paddlers down to turn at the spit post off the Bayswater PaddleSports Club.  Guppies and novices will paddle a lap course near Ascot Kayak Club with escort paddlers on the water.  

The online registration is now available at :–  Island 2 Island Registration

Entries do close at 10pm Wednesday 2 October to allow paddlers to be placed in divisions and start sheets made up for the officials.

If you would like to do a full season entry this is now available :–  Season Entry  ,  If you are planning on racing all eight of the season events and the State Championship this wil give significant savings and is only available via this web page.  

If you do a season entry please enter each race and use the no-charge season entry option.