Final Draw for GP2 Published

General / Jan 30, 2013

The link to the draw is below. It is important to not that from now to the race:

  • NO races will be added
  • NO crews will be added 
  • Only crew changes and scratching will be made and MUST be made before the start of the regatta by emailing

The following paddlers have yet to pay their entry fee. They will not be allowed to race until they have paid. You can pay online by logging in here with your membership details, or you can pay via EFT (details here), if you pay via EFT please make sure you use your invoice number as the reference e.g. A123456. If you think you have paid or need more payment information please email

Batters, Madeleine -$100.00
Bayliss, Jace -$100.00
Bussenschutt, Melissa -$150.00
Campbell, Angus -$150.00
Carson, Kieren -$100.00
Connor, Gary -$150.00
Dawe, Nick -$150.00

Drennan, Amanda

Goldner, Kelsey -$100.00
Hurst, Madeleine -$150.00
O’Leary, Peter -$100.00
Partington, Jennifer -$100.00
Quensier, Aman -$100.00
Speer, Sam -$150.00
Stock, Lachlan -$100.00
Vegh, Steven -$150.00
Young, Richard -$100.00