Reynolds paddling for a PB

General / Jan 14, 2013

Aged 13, Reynolds was selected by a talent scout during school testing, and later joined the National Talent Identification and Development program due to her positive results.

Now, 17, Reynolds will join the other seven Australian girls competing against six other nations in the race to be the best in the world.

Reynolds says she is really looking forward to the AYOF in January, and testing her abilities against the other nations.

ñIÍm extremely nervous but mostly excited about where I am, especially because GermanyÍs going and they are a big kayaking nation,î she said. ñSo itÍll be good to see where I am against them.î

Having recently claimed the top ranking female at the selection event _ Australian Canoeing GP1 _Reynolds is hoping to gain a position in the top four in the upcoming AYOF.

ñI just really want to get up there and hopefully break the 2-minute barrier and get a PB.î

Reynolds just finished year 12 and has spent the last year finding a balance between her busy training schedule and her demanding studies.

ñIt was hard at first but my coach and everyone down at WAIS [Western Australia Institute of Sport] were very helpful in trying to find what would work for me.î

Her exam results however arenÍt the only thing on her mind. Reynolds is looking much further into her future with numerous other kayaking events in her sights.

ñIÍm hoping to do well at the AYOF and then head to GP3 in Sydney and then I really want to do well at Nationals because we have Junior Worlds this year, so itÍs a big year for us.î

The Olympics too are always on her mind.

ñOf course thatÍs my biggest dream, I would love to make it to the Olympics, thatÍs what IÍm always aiming for.î

Canoe/kayak sprint will take place at the Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith from Wednesday 16 _ Friday 18 January.