National Australian Schools Slalom and Wild Water Championships, 2012

Canoe Slalom / Jan 8, 2013

We would like to acknowledge the work that has been undertaken by the key committee over some months now – Kate Slatter, Roy Farrance, Graham Hobbs, Chris Wharton and Mike Gooey.

139 athletes from forty-four Australian Schools and from New Zealand competed over a wide range of events under generally hot conditions. We were pleased to have representation from a number of new schools – some of whom included Acacia College, Churchlands Senior High School, Eaton Community College, Hobart College, Lilydale High School, Nedlands Primary School, Rossmoyne Senior High,  Shenton College, Westbourne Grammar School.

We would like to express our thanks for the support of our sponsors:

  • Be the Influence – tackling Binge Drinking
  • Canoes Plus
  • Velocity Watersports
  • Liquid Life
  • Rubicon Outdoor Centre
  • OEG
  • Goulburn Murray Water

On behalf of all involved in the event (competitor, official and spectator) we would like to express our gratitude to the many parents, friends and paddlers that contributed their time and effort to supporting the conduct of a safe and successful competition, acting as judges, radio operators, compiling, safety, start and finish, technical and organisational support roles, catering, etc. Our sport is somewhat special I believe in not only the great sportsmanship and camaraderie shown by our athletes but also on our reliance on a large volunteer community to deliver an outstanding competition.

Special thanks should be made to our Team Managers who are the gateway between our athletes and the organising committee and event officials. The efforts of Jane Haddon, Mary Jane Watkins, Lucy Williams, John Kelly, Chris Thompson and Chris Pascoe are highly valued by Australian Canoeing, the event organisers and the competitors – they deserve our admiration, thanks and support.

Finally – to the Athletes, Australian and New Zealand – thanks for the competitive effort you have put in over the days of the competition and, more particularly, thanks for demonstrating the friendly, supportive and respectively behaviour displayed by you all.

For those participating in your first Australian National Schools Slalom and WildWater Championship – welcome, we hope to see you and your family for many years to come.

Now the important part – our Champions for 2012:

  • Junior Girl Champion – Kate Eckhardt
  • Junior Boy Champion – Oliver Gales
  • Senior Girl Champion – Maggie Webster
  • Senior Boy Champion – Brodie Crawford 

Overall Girls’

  1. Ivanhoe Grammar School
  2. Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School
  3. The Friends School

Overall Boys’

  1. Ivanhoe Grammar School
  2. The Friends School
  3. Fremantle Primary School

Small School Champion

  1. The Friends School
  2. Fremantle Primary School
  3. Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School

Overall School Champions

  1. Ivanhoe Grammar School
  2. The Friends School
  3. Fremantle Primary School