Day 2 – Australian National Wildwater Championships

Canoe Slalom / Jan 7, 2013

 While our on-water safety had some activity throughout the day, many paddlers rose to the challenge and successfully negotiated the course. It was very gratifying to see the level of effort put in by the paddlers, with one in particular recognised for her extended effort to roll that spanned many gates.

The efforts of our event organisers, on-water safety, judges and officials, and the many team managers and supporters, resulted in a first class day and Australian Canoeing can only acknowledge and thank all for the sustained effort put in.
The noteworthy results for the day included:
            Fastest Boys K1 Slalom                     Daniel Watkins
            Fastest Girls C1 Slalom                     Kate Eckhardt
The results for the day include:
Boys Open K1
            1.         Tim Anderson            (EC)
            2.         Andrew Eckhardt      (TFS)
            3.         Max Myers                 (IGS)
Boys 17 K1
            1.         Daniel Watkins          (GYC)
            2.         Lochiel Cameron       (DC)
            3.         Joseph Robinson       IGS)
Boys 16 K1
            1.         Brodie Crawford       (MC)
            2.         Steven Lowther         (MC)
            3.         Alex Hawthorne        (NZ)
            3.         Chris Fegan                (IGS)
Boys 15 K1
           1.         Sam McCulloch          (NZ)
           2.         Lachlan Croft             (SCHS)
           3.         Oliver Gales                (TFS)
Boys 14 K1
            1.         Jack Dangen               (NZ)
            1.         Ashley Hobbs             (IGS)
            2.         Timothy Coward       (RSH)
            3.         Tristan Carter            (IGS)
Boys 13 K1
            1.         Louis Richardson       (FrPS)
            2.         Enzo Delyfer              (SC)
            3.         Sam Currie                 (AC)
Boys 12 K1
            1.         Robert            Janiszewski   (WC)
            2.         Alexander Loughran (WG)
            3.         Alexander Fiebig       (FPS)
Boys 11 K1
            1.         Tarquin Wall             (FrPS)
            2.         Jack Choate                (NPS)
            3.         Nathan Hallett           (FPS)
Girls Open C1
            1.         Maggie Webster        (IGS)
            2.         Erin McGilvray           (HC)
            3.         Elsa Gales                   (TFS)
Girls 17 C1
            1.         Georgia Rankin          (PLC)
            2.         Krystal Davis             (IGS)
            3.         Madeline Cochrane   (IGGS)
Girls 16 C1
            1.         Eliza Singleton           (CSC)
            2.         Alexandra Broome    (MCC)
            3.         Kaydi OcConner-Stratten     (NZ)
            3.         Sarah Webster          (IGS)
Girls 15 C1
            1.         Kate Eckhardt           (TFS)
            2.         Georgina Collin          (PC)
            3.         Demelza Wall             (JLC)
Girls 14 C1
            1.         Kenza Randle                        (NZ)
            1.         Isabella Choate          (CSHS)
            2.         Catriona Bain             (BON)
            3.         Ruby Spinks               (THS)
Girls 13 C1
            1.         Billie Knell                  (EC)
            2.         Demi O’Brien             (MLC)
            3.         Kiara McKay              (PAC)
Boys Junior C1 Team           
            1.         Siriani/Pickacance, LeMottee/Karimi, Fletcher/Nightingale        (IGS)
Boys Junior K1 Team
            1.         McCulloch/Dangen/Washer            (NZ)
            1.         Richardson/Wall/Wall                      (FPS)
            2.         Borojevic/Borojevic/Spinks             (THS)
Boys Senior C1 Team
            1.         Blampied/Haddon/Scott                  (IGS)
Boys Senior C2 Team
            1.         Rajic/Ivkoc, O’Callaghan/Orso, Boland/McEwan  (IGS)
Boys Senior K1 Team
            1.         Eckhardt/Eckhardt/Gales              (TFS)
            2.         Arnott/Hornblow/Hawthorne         (NZ)
            2.         Watkins, Watkins, Hodkindon      (GYC)
            3.         Pepper, Skelton, Reyland            (NZ)
            3.         Robinson, Myers, Fegan              (IGS)
Girls Junior K1 Team
            1.         Whinfield, Tonkin, Wrigley              (IGGS)
Girls Senior K1 Team
            1.         Webster, Webster, Davis                  (IGS)
            2.         Cummings, O'Connor-Stratton, Randle      (NZ)
            2.         Ashton, Prentice, Cochrane              (IGGS)
            3.         McEwan, Day, Currie                                    (IGS)