Australian Wildwater Championships Wrap

Wildwater / Jan 7, 2013

The open men’s event was won by Robert McIntyre from NSW by a comprehensive margin of 5 seconds over Matthew French from TAS followed by Tom Mountney also from TAS coming in third.

Kristy Packham from VIC took the open woman’s title from Elsa Gales from TAS.

The under 18 men’s field was well contested with some 14 athletes.  Sebastian Spinks from TAS took out the event with a 4 second victory over Lochiel Cameron also from TAS with Theo Pepper from NZ coming in third.  Sebastian continues to impress as a Junior coming in with the third fastest overall time of the day behind open competitors McIntyre and French.

The under 16 male’s were also well represented with 11 competitors. The winner was Oliver Gales from TAS from Rohan Borojevic also from TAS and Timothy Coward from WA taking out third place.

There was also an Under 14 male category which was taken out by Louis Richardson from Enzo Delefor and Tarquin Wall all from WA.

The under 18 female titles was taken out by Madeline Batters from VIC who paddled well all week and had the fastest overall woman’s time.  Second place to Madeline was Kaydy O’Conner-Streten from NZ.

The under 16 female title was taken out by Georgina Collins from WA from Catriona Bain from NSW and Shayannah Beck from Vic placing third.

The under 14 female title was taken out by Gypsy Dunne from NSW from Demi O’Brien from WA.

In the teams sprint Australian titles the open team of Robert McIntyre, Alex McIntyre and Matthew French took first place from Mountney, Wharton and Borojevic.  The junior TAS team of Sebastian Spinks, Lochiel Cameron and Oliver Gales took out the Junior men’s event and even pushed the open men’s winners time finishing only 1.5 seconds behind them.  The team of Kristy Packham, Madeline Batters and Elsa Gales took out the open female team honours.

Earlier in the week competitors competed in the Australian Classic Championships and selection sprint race on the Mitta Mitta river below Dartmouth Dam.  Competitors were challenged by the technical nature of the Sharks tooth rapid half way down the classic course which was also the site of the selection sprint race.

The Australian open men’s classic title was taken out by Matthew French from TAS some 19 seconds ahead of Robert McIntyre from NSW and then Tom Mountney from TAS was third a further 23 seconds behind.

The Junior male category was taken out by Sebastian Spinks from Lochiel Camerson and then Oliver Gales all from TAS.  Again Sebastian impressed with the third fastest time of the day behind French and McIntyre showing that he will be a force to reckoned with at this year’s Junior World Championships.

The open woman’s title was taken out by Kristy Packham from VIC, the under 18 female title was taken out by Madeline Batters from VIC and the under 16 female category was taken out by Georgina Collins from WA from Ruby Spinks and Maggie Smith both from TAS.

There were selection sprint races held at Mitta Mitta and also at the Childowlah rapid on the Murrumbidgee river in NSW for athletes seeking selection to the senior and junior national teams.  Both these races were dominated by Robert McIntyre at the senior level setting down the fastest times followed by Sebastian Spinks at the Junior level.

In conclusion the 8 day period of racing over 3 venues saw some great performances by a number of our senior and junior athletes many of whom were seeking national selection to World Championships over in Europe later this year.  Those national teams will be ratified by Australian Canoeing and posted on the website in the near future.