Paracanoe Development Camp a success

General / Dec 18, 2012

Friday was a morning of organised chaos. Setting up majority of the athletes into boats and also 12 athletes being seen for classification, a process of a medical examination and on-water assessment to determine the class of the athlete for racing.

A big thank-you to Jane Buckley, medical classifier for making herself available at this busy time of year and getting through the classifications within the day.

The Australian Paralympic Committee was represented by Anna Muldoon, classification coordinator, who was present to observe the classification process.

Between the paddle sessions, there was a session on the Road to Rio. This included a presentation on the medallists from the previous World Championships, the Australian Team Members since the commencement of paracanoe and footage from the Paralympics in London to set the scene for Rio.

The expectations of the athletes were discussed in terms of the training required and what it takes to be a sprint canoe athlete of the highest level.

It may have been a shock to some but it seemed to hit the right spot for several of the athletes who attended of what they need to do for the next few years if Rio is the goal.

They had a session on values and as a group decided that paracanoe athletes would have the following values: Professionalism, Team, Committment, Spirit and Fun.

Glenn Pyne and Kara Kennedy provided valuable athlete information to the new athletes in the sport, based on their own experiences.

Within the group, there was a variety of sporting backgrounds from motor racing, wheelchair tennis, hand cycling, outrigging and dragon boating and equestrian.

This also provided some good talk and information within the values session.

On Sunday morning, there was clearly a fantastic improvement in the paddling of all those who had attended the camp. The group is more motivated and all have been encouraged to start racing in the new year to develop the skills of racing. 


Emily Rycken Vic
Michael Hall Vic
Gary Connor Vic
Naomi Deck NSW
Colin Sieders NSW
Andrew Williams NSW
Phil Keyes NSW
Leo Powell NSW
Kent McKelvie Qld
Susan Seipel Qld
Andrew Stiles Qld
Peter Nipperess Qld
Paul Bailey Qld
Glenn Pyne Qld
Kara Kennedy Qld