Officials – Nomination for International Events

General / Nov 22, 2012

There have been a few changes to the ICF rules governing who can be appointed to which events, these are outlined below. The outcome is that Officials travel to the World Championhips will be paid for if the Official has been selected to attend. To be selected they must have officiated at a World Cup Event (this would be a self funded trip).

It is unclear how this will operate for disciplines where there are no World Cups or there are only a few World Cups, this will be clarified at a later date.

If you are interested in officiating please fill in the below form and email it back to before the 15th December.

Rule Changes

8.5.3 Officials and ICF World Championships

For all officials nominated on the 1st January for officiate at World Cup, National Federation must inform ICF if they are available to officiate for World Championships.Only official nominated by his National Federation for at least one World cup in the current season can be appointed for a World Championship.The Chair will present a list of officials to the 1st ICF Board of Directors’ meeting for their approval.

8.5.4 Administration fee

Each National Federation attending a World Championships will pay an administration fee to the ICF headquarters (set by the ICF Board of directors one year in advance) to share the travel costs of all officials appointed for a World Championships.

ICF headquarters is in charge to organize international travel for all officials.

Host National Federations are in charge to organize and pay full board accommodation and local transportation for all officials during the World Championships Period.

8.5.5 Officials and Olympic Games

Only official who officiates for a minimum of two of the past three world championships should be appointed for Olympic Games. At the end of the last World Championship prior the Olympic Games, the Chair publish a list of all potential officials and a deadline to permit at all National Federation concerned to confirm the nomination.The Chair will present a list of officials based on the estimate level of the official, continental and country representation, and recent judging history to the ICF Board of Directors’ meeting for their approval.