Canoes Plus Slalom Race / Victorian Team Selection 1

Canoe Slalom / Nov 20, 2012

 The TIDD camp started on Friday November 17th, with 23 participants on a great water level of 6500 cumecs. This level was very high and pushy for many of our new paddlers, and the learning curve was quite high. All paddlers were treated to a rapids swimming and familiarization session, numerous technical sessions on the main rapid, a high ropes course team building exercise and race preparation before the big event. Many also took advantage of our Sports Psychologist who was on site during the weekend, and provided a great sounding board for race preparation and general training and competition questions.

The weekend ended with the Canoes Plus slalom, run efficiently by Roy Farrance, and aided by all parents and volunteers. We were happy to see all have a great time, even though the heavens opened in a great downpour during the second qualification runs. For the first time, the Canoes plus Slalom ran finals for Mens and Womens K1 events.