Bylaws Update – Changes explained

General / Nov 3, 2012

Canoeing Competitions Bylaw

A clause has been added to section 5

Athletes and Clubs may not promote in any way (e.g. by stickers, uniform, social media) , a sponsor that conflicts with or prejudices the products or business of National Sponsors during National Competitions;

If an athlete is unsure if their sponsor does conflict, they must seek approval from the CEO who will not unreasonably withhold his or her approval.

This clause has been introduced to protect Australian Canoeing sponsors from "ambush marketing".

Team Members Bylaw

Clause 5.3 has been updated to read:

Unless expressly permitted by Team Management or if under the age of 18, not consume alcohol whilst engaged on a Team Training Camp or Tour.

The change was from a "opt-in" clause that allowed the Team Manager to say if a trip was "dry" to one that is "opt-out". The Board feels that this is more appropriate and in line with the "Be the Influence" message that AC is promoting to help tackle binge drinking.

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is the requirements in regard to your conduct during any activity held or sanctioned by Australian Canoeing, a State Association or an Affiliated Club and in any role you hold within Australian Canoeing, a State Association or an Affiliated Club:

The Board has adobted the Code of Conduct as a separate document (previously it was part of the Member Protection By law).

This will enable the Board to bring more appropriate response to the breach of the code. e.g. if a breach was committed whilst on a Team Tour, having to go through a Member Protection Tribunal rather than a specific Team Tribunal meant that hearings were dealyed and it added an extra layer of beaureacracy which was not needed.

The code has also updated clause 11 to more explicity cover the misuse of alchol and drugs as part of our comitment to the "Be the Influence" campaign.