2013 Australian Canoe Polo Training Camp

Canoe Polo / Oct 16, 2012

You are invited to consider how the following may develop polo in your region.

Australian Canoe Polo will hold a 3 day training camp to foster development of canoe polo players and officials. People are welcome to attend regardless of age, gender and ability levels: we will cater for varying needs and capabilities. This is an opportunity for players, coaches and officials to build on an already friendly and inclusive community.


To develop knowledge and skills of polo players, coaches and officials.

Potential learning outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of game tactics, strategy and rules.
  • Improved kayak control, ball skills and practice regimes.
  • Knowledge of officials’ duties, to competency standards
  • Insight into building mental and physical wellbeing.


Players will be divided into appropriate groups to match abilities and goals in, for example, boat control, ball skills, strategy and tactics, fitness. We will liaise with participants prior to the camp to discuss what they hope to achieve.


Tuesday 22, Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 January 2013, just prior to the Australia Day Competition at Mawson Lakes.


Mawson Lakes, Adelaide, South Australia


$100 per participant plus airfares and accommodation.

Coaches are sought:

Nominations are to be taken on the basis of previous coaching experience and/or stated commitment to future coaching. Some financial assistance will be negotiated, though we will continue to rely on volunteer contributions to maintain and develop our sport.

Session coaches and course participants wishing to enter, support or improve coaching roles may work towards Australian Canoeing coach accreditation awards.


If you or your club are interested in further detail or in registering, please contact Angus Robb at angusrobb_5@hotmail.com or on 0411 5154 69 by Friday 23rd November 2012 so that we may start discussions with you or your group.